Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments & Gift Tags

Each year I save my favorite Christmas cards & re-purpose them into different things. Here is a card that I turned into a Christmas ornament. I just added a bow that came from a different gift that year.

Last year I kept all of my Christmas cards! They come with such beautiful colors & pictures, that I knew I’d think of something to do with them!

This year, I decided to cut out all the pictures & use them as this year’s gift tags!

Cut out whatever shapes you’d like, punch a hole in the corner, & tie on with ribbon. You could also tape them right on the package if you’d like.

Because you’re cutting out the picture from the front of the card, the back is normally white & not written on.

Use a pretty color gel pen & write your message on the back.

Christmas card display
Hang varying lengths of beautiful ribbon from your curtain rod. As you get a Christmas card, pin it on one of the ribbons with a straight pin. Hopefully, you have lots of friends & can fill the whole window with cards! =) The end product looks like a holiday window treatment.

* You could also use last year’s cards for an instant display.


2 thoughts on “Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments & Gift Tags”

  1. Pastor Pearl,

    You always have the neatest ideas. I like the idea of hanging the christmas cards up because I have been trying to think of a way to display mine this year. Have a very Merry Christmas. Your family picture with your parents is beautiful

    Suzanne Leffew
    Pleasant Hill Worship Center

  2. I must agree with Suzanne! I love the idea with Christmas cards, especially the tree ornaments! I love ornaments and I keep track of every one seperatly stored in a plastic zip bag with who gave it and what year so many years down the road I will always cherish it. Now I have something to do with those really special cards that I get and don’t want to throw away!!!
    Keep on bringing the ideas Pastor Pearl!
    Heidi Harris, PHWC


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