Vintage Pine Cupboard Redo

Because I already feel SO blessed, when my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, it took me a while to come up with something.

Some of you may remember my post back in October about one of my favorite antique pine cupboards that I picked up years ago for $2? Well, when I told him I’d like to have my cupboard painted as my Christmas gift, he painted it right away!

I really love the deep red, because it compliments everything in our home. Many readers wanted to see the finished result, so I thought I’d post it for you all to enjoy!

What a wonderful husband I have – and as I told him… he is my gift 🙂

Here’s a picture of the cupboard before

antique country pine cupboard

* From Pearl

Thank you all for the kind words!

Just goes to show you – one person’s trash really is another person’s treasure!

I picked this piece up at a yard sale. When I asked to gal if she had anything else inside
for sale, she took me downstairs to show me a few things – however, nothing really caught my eye. But when I turned around to come back up the stairs, I spied this cabinet standing up behind the door. When I asked her if she wanted to sell that piece, she said – “oh that thing, I don’t think you could even get it off the wall, because it’s been sitting down here in the basement for so many years!” When I assured her that my husband could indeed remove the piece from her basement (I was thinking piece by piece if we had to :), she said – well, you could have it for $2. No thinking on my part – a quick “SOLD” came out of my mouth!

It has provided a lot of joy over the years, and now with it’s new coat of color, it is ready for many more ahead!

Ok – for those of you who might be saying… well, that was many years ago, those things don’t happen today! I want to tell you – the same thing happened just a couple of years ago to me! I picked up a VERY large vintage pine cabinet for $17 at a local estate auction. Everyone was pretty much finished with the “good stuff” inside when they moved out to the garage. Most of the gals wandered on home, but from my past experiences, I knew that great treasures lay waiting for me out there! Sure enough, when everything was pretty much said & done in the garage, everyone started home. I went up to the auctioneer & said, I’d like to bid on that old cupboard against the wall. He said… who will give me $50, who will give me $20? But no one was really paying attention. I said, I’ll give you $17! Once, twice, sold to the lady. Now… how to get this huge beauty home? Well, because it had tiny wheels on it, my friend Kelly & I simply pushed it down the street 🙂

The moral of the story?
#1 Keep your eyes open, because most people don’t look through the same eyes of vision the way that you will!
#2 Don’t buy a huge cabinet unless you have a friend to help you push it down the street 🙂


12 thoughts on “Vintage Pine Cupboard Redo”

  1. Oh my goodness! That looks fabulous! I’m such a fan of that rich deep red and it looks great with all of your accessories…And I can’t believe you got that cupboard for $2 – what a find!

  2. I can’t believe you bought a cupboard like that for $2.00 – what a find. Your hubby did a great job in painting it red – it makes me smile.

  3. Wanted to post this info for everyone who sent in the request…

    The brand of paint that we used is: Olde Century Colors
    Color: 2001 Cranberry

    This company has some wonderful colors! The paint is nice & thick – so it covers VERY well. I also love their shade of mustard (for all of you prim decorators out there 🙂


  4. Years ago my husband found an old chest of drawers. Knowing I had dreamed of owning a red cottage-style cupboard for years, he decided to turn his new find into a surprise. He simply built a hutch back, shelves, and sides onto the existing old chest of drawers, painted it barn red, and added simple wooden hardware. It has been the highlight of my living room for years and looks very similar to Pearl’s beautiful cupboard. The red paint tied the cupboard and my husband’s creativity together, making it look like one solid piece. When I filled it with old books and china, it looked like an antique store find! By the way, he found another larger, longer chest of drawers shortly after and recreated the same type of cupboard… but this time, he made the shelves reach almost to the ceiling…It became my treasured dining room china cabinet which houses my English china collection. Ladies, put your husbands to work looking for roadside treasures!


  5. Pearl,
    I too got a great deal on a huge cabinet. It is very old, not sure how old but when our Amish friends were moving they were going to burn it. They had used it for tools in their woodshop.He said if you can get your husband to move it it is yours! I gave them a ride to the grocery store and he said the cabinet is paid for now.
    I store my craft books in it and use it for displays in my craft shop and whenever I am changing things around in it I fondly think of my kind friend Noah!
    Thanks for sharing your stories and photos, so inspiring!
    PS He also gave me a bunch of old doors and window frames. My husband just laughed and said do not ever say anything to me about bringing home junk. I have used the doors as displays at several photo shows now and everyone loves the unique look!


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