How to Give Your Room a Designer Touch Using Old Chandelier Crystals!

A few years ago I was given an old (but not vintage) brass colored chandelier. The gal who gave it to me said she simply hated the piece & couldn’t wait to replace it with a more modern style of light fixture. Of course, when she offered it to me, I gladly said yes, because I knew that I could think of someway to use it.

Fast forward a few years after the chandelier has been waiting in my basement for just the right project… A few days before Christmas, I came up with the idea of removing the crystals and finding a way to hang them in the window. I wanted to use all of the pretty pieces of glass, so nothing would be wasted. So… after putting my brain in creative mode, I decided to make a sort of window mobile / curtain of glass.

Step #1 – Remove all of the crystals


Crystals have been removed & are in a bucket waiting to be cleaned.

Step #2 – Clean
I put all of the pieces in a small cleaning bucket & soaked them in water/dish soap/ and a bit of alcohol. The alcohol helps to keep water spots from forming on the glass.

Step #3 – Lay out to dry
crystals drying

Step #4 – Hang curtain rod inside of window casing.
* Be sure that hanging crystals will not interfere with opening the window – or opening curtains.

curtain rod

Step #5 – String the Crystals
I didn’t want to see the string used to hang each strand of crystals, so I used clear nylon sewing thread (you could also use fishing line). Because I didn’t want to stand up on a ladder & string each crystal, I decided to lay the rod across 2 chairs & stabilize each end with a pair of heavy books. For my project, I wanted the height of each piece to be a bit random, but you may choose to make everything more even.

Step #6 – Hang the rod in the window

I am really enjoying my new display – even before I have my curtains up… that project will be for another day (soon I hope 🙂


18 thoughts on “How to Give Your Room a Designer Touch Using Old Chandelier Crystals!”

  1. Thanks for sharing the instructions on how you accomplished this beautiful way of using Crystals. This is an unique idea and I love the way the lights shine through each one – this must create a dazzling display on sunny days.

  2. That is a great idea. Last summer on The Victory Garden they showed a beautiful garden and one of the flowering trees had a few crystals hanging from it, it really looked pretty. Now I have two ideas for crystals, I need to keep my eyes open once the yard sales start up.

  3. What a lovely idea! I agree it must look stunning on a sunny day! I bet you will get some beautiful colors on a sunny, snow covered day too!


  4. That is such a gorgeous idea…and reminds me of the movie “Pollyanna”. I have a couple of crystals hanging in my windows to make me rainbows on sunny days but this must be just so awesome! Glad I happened by to visit your blog…=)

  5. I’m sure you would be able to find some great ways to put those little “gems” to work in your home decor! 🙂

    Another great idea would be… bring a nice branch with lots of little brnaches in from the outdoors – place it in a pretty pot – or hang it in a corner – then decorate it with all of your different crystals!

    By the way… beautiful B&B!!

  6. Thank you so much!! Pollyanna was one of my favorite movies as a child and I’ve never outgrown my desire to have crystals in my windows. Now, off to search for crystals who need a new home! I could use some rainbows in my home for the days that are a little bit darker inside myself. Merci cherie! Nanc


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