Needle Felting – How to Turn Wool Into Art

What is needle felting?

Needle felting is the process of turning a pile of wool into different shapes and artistic designs, by using a special barbed needle. As the needle is poked back & forth into the pile of wool, the special barbed end catches the fibers & binds them together. There are also special tools that have several needles attached, to help make the process much faster. You can continue to add as many shapes & colors together as you wish, to make your very own piece of fiber art.

It’s been several years now since I saw my first piece of needle felted fiber art, and I have to say… I am as amazed today as I was then! The creative ideas that people come up with, to turn a seemingly insignificant pile of wool into something so lovely, still inspires me.

The perfectly round felt balls with colorful designs, beautiful one of a kind purses with no visible stitches, inspiring wall art unbelievably painted with wool… the things I have seen never cease to amaze me!

Look at just a few of the things these creative people have come up with.

* Click on any of the pictures to find out more about the artist or their store.


felted bunting

When I saw these little guys swinging from their necklaces, I couldn’t help but smile out loud 🙂

needle felted Squirrel necklace

needle felted sheep necklace

needle felted Orangutan necklace


I love the work of this artist!

needle felted mouse

needle felted house


Beautiful Felted Wool Bracelet

needle felted green and purple bracelet


Colorful Felted Bangle Bracelets
Wet felted Bangles


Felted Ankle Bracelets
Felted Multifunctional Ankle bracelets


Needle Felted Eyeglasses Case
Needle Felted Eyeglass Case


Felted Foxgloves – aren’t they beautiful!
Foxgloves 2


Needle Felted Nest Ornament
needle felted nest ornament


Look at these beautiful toys!

Needle Felted Landscape playscape
Mama and Baby
Needle felted Wool monkey Bluebird Rattle



Needle Felted Purse

needle felted bag


Beautiful Purse (you can get this kit)
needle felted purse


Needle Felted Christmas Ornament


Don’t those creations inspire you to ask… how in the world did they do that?

If so, you’re in luck, because in my next post, I will be showing exactly “How to Needle Felt“, so you too can turn something as inexpensive as raw wool into something very chic & beautiful. And, with the holidays right around the corner, you’ll love the things that you’ll be able to make & give as gifts!


3 thoughts on “Needle Felting – How to Turn Wool Into Art”

  1. I did attend a fiber arts festival in Bangor, ME where I had experienced the felting potential. On a very brisk cold autumn day I walked into a felted tent with an elaborate floral design where all of their displayed sale items were. It was evident that this tent was a fantastic air barrier as well as insulator.

    At a different display I bought a pot holder felted of wool with a whimsical ram design, it works great.


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