Gardening – Fill Your Cottage Gardens With Free Plants!

Foxglove in the Cottage Garden

I love to dream – and one of the things that I love to dream about is my cottage garden. I pull out back issues of my favorite magazines, gardening books, and seed catalogues to add to the plethora of ideas already stored in my mind’s eye. There is one small problem however. When you start shopping at the garden centers & from all of the plant catalogues, you start to see a growing trend – all of these beautiful plants add up to lots of money!

I need to be honest with you for a second. You see, I’m not really good at waiting several years to add a plant here & a plant there to my garden. I’m the kind of person who sees something beautiful, then tries to find a way to make it happen in my own garden. Sometimes the ideas work out wonderfully, and sometimes I learn a lesson from the whole process. In any case, my garden is always better because of it.

We all live such busy lives, and we do our best to have our obligations taken care of. Sometimes, despite all of our work & effort, we just don’t have the extra amount of money that it would take to have the garden of our dreams. I know that feeling personally, and that’s why I wanted to take this time to share with you some of the ideas that I have discovered for finding free plants over the years. Soon, with a little bit of creative thinking, you’ll have to start giving plants away due to lack of any more space in your garden!

I’ve posted the full article in my article bank due to length – read it here:

Gardening – Fill Your Cottage Gardens With Free Plants!


7 thoughts on “Gardening – Fill Your Cottage Gardens With Free Plants!”

  1. Great ideas as always! I always buy the “end of season” plants at the grocery store and plant them in my garden. A couple years ago I bought a beautiful pink azalea at Kroger(local grocery store) for a $1 and planted it in my backyard. At first it grew but didn’t flower, but then one year it had the most beautiful pink/red blossoms and it’s bloomed every year since then. I also buy the “dead” daffodils, tulips etc. and plant them for next year. And I ALWAYS plant my Easter Lillies (they also multiply).

    Hope you don’t mind that I added a link to your site on my blog.

  2. Love all of your ideas and the tiny plant is so whimsical… pretty and small enough for a fairy. I’ll have to read your new site as well.From what I see you have been very busy indeed!

    Luv Annabelle


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