Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments

stained glass christmas ornaments

About today’s picture:

A dear friend of mine makes wonderful stained glass Christmas ornaments. We have her make a new ornament for each family in our church every year. This was last year’s edition. It sparkles so nicely with the tiny lights shining on the Austrian crystals!

I will post the whole collection – including the newest edition very soon. You can feel free to contact me if you’d like to pick any of them up for family – friends – or yourself 🙂

You can find her shop “The Glass Menagerie” here on Etsy.


2 thoughts on “Stained Glass Christmas Ornaments”

  1. That is such a pretty ornament. I love it. I definately would like to know all about how to get one of these and see all the others! Thanks, Heidi Harris


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