Great Christmas Find – $1.49

I wanted to post a picture of my newest find at the local thrift shop. These little Christmas trees have such a wonderful vintage look to them with their creamy color & hints of sparkle. I only paid $1.49 for both of them! While I was there, I saw HUGE piles of Christmas items to choose from.

Think about it… people everywhere are pulling out boxes & boxes of Christmas decorations from their attics. As they sort through it all, they decided that it might be time to finally get rid of some of it 🙂 So – they pass it on to the local thrift shops. This is your opportunity to pick up some very nice things at VERY nice prices!

If you enjoy vintage style decorations you will find some very nice finds, because many times, people want the “newest styles”. But, I did find a BRAND NEW Martha Stewart wreath made up of silver bells for $1.98 – so you can find new things as well.

Enjoy & be sure to come back & post your newest finds!


4 thoughts on “Great Christmas Find – $1.49”

  1. I, too, have been viewing your website for several weeks now and also wanted to say hello. What sweet trees you found and at a great price. I love to shop at thrift stores…there’s always a treasure or two to be found.

    Have a joyful 2007…God Bless!

  2. Thanks for your well wishes!

    Kim – I love your home! The porch is such a sweet place to decorate all year round!

    Mindy – Your “Peaceful Corner” blog is delightful! I’m adding it to my favorites 🙂


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