13 thoughts on “Guest Bedroom That Doubles as an Office & Crafting Space!”

  1. Beautiful room, beautiful colors – and great organization!

    I can’t do a combination guest room/office/craft space because so much of my work involves handling confidential records and information. But an office/craft space would be wonderful!

    This slide show has me dreaming, lol! Thanks for sharing!


    • Cynthia,

      What I love about the room is… it shows how little space you really need to have a home office. Even if you used another small space where you could lock the closet doors, it would still give you enough room for your home office.


  2. I just found this blog and I love it! It makes me miss living in the northeast!

    Anyway, what great ideas. I’m going to try my hand at the recycled newspaper beads.

    And this room is beautiful – very creative use of space!


  3. This is a wonderful space. Its amazing how a small space like that can be converted into such a multi-purpose space. The conversion of the closet into a little office/craft area is a really great idea.

  4. I have a question would you think having a curtain to divide my dining room and craft space be tacky? If Yes what would you suggest to divide the two?


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