Don’t Just Organize Them – Add a Little Pizzazz to Your Closets!

With the heated days of summer coming to an end and chilly Autumn evenings already upon us, we know it won’t be long before we need to pull out the warmer pieces of our wardrobe. With this we also know that we will need to take a little bit of time to rearrange our closets and armoires, so that we can get to those clothes that we wear the most.

It doesn’t matter if your space is one that is out in the open for everyone to see, or a quiet little closet in the back room, we could always use a little bit of color & a decorative touch to warm things up and give it that feeling of home.

This year… along with taking some time to organize everything, why not take just a little bit of extra time and add a bit of pizzazz to your space? After all, even though no one else may see it, you still have to face it every day. So, why not make it a place that you enjoy, instead of a place that you dread digging through like a pirate after treasure!

Just a few extra touches and a bit of color can help change your whole attitude as you face each day!

I love how Pam Garrison uses pieces of scrapbook paper or wall paper to cover the walls of her closet for a wonderful decorative touch. Notice the pieces of sheet music & note paper that also cover the shelf itself.
wallpaper shelf

Here’s another picture of an inside wall. The family photos added here and there are a nice finishing touch. In this case, Pam used some childhood pictures of her father.

wallpaper decor

Look at these wonderful ideas from Patricia at Vintage Treasures.

Not only does she enjoy all of her own linens, but she also has a business dealing with vintage linens, so she really needs to keep herself organized! I think you’ll agree, that she has come up with some wonderful ideas in the pictures below.

Lets have a look…

I like her idea of placing a hook, or a group of hooks, on the back of a closet door to display special things such as this beautiful nightgown. She also added some pretty little roses to dress up the hook itself. And how about that little night stand tipped over on its side to be used at a different angle!

organized closet

Here’s a close up of that little night stand. It’s been given a nice “shabby” coat of paint, and lined with some wallpaper in the background.


What was once a napkin holder (or book ends) can now be a beautiful place to display an item in your closet such as the towel was in this case.

pretty shelves

I can’t say enough about the charm that a vintage suitcase brings to any room! Look how the vintage linens pop against the deep blue velvet lid of this piece.


As in this picture, you can use shelving that can be found at any discount store very inexpensively, then use some of the items that you are storing in this area to dress up the shelves themselves – like these pretty lacy pieces.

organized shelves


If you have bits of trim that you haven’t found a project for, how about putting them to work decorating the edges of your closet shelves?

vintage linen



20 thoughts on “Don’t Just Organize Them – Add a Little Pizzazz to Your Closets!”

    • Lori,

      I know what you mean! Sometimes we forget those spaces that we still have to look at every day. These gals have given us a great reminder with their inspiration!


  1. Oh, I love the green room in the top photo. I so want that wallpaper. I lost your blog link for a while, but thought to google decorating bird cages and there you popped up. I added you to my faves.

    • Elise,

      Glad to have you back!

      The green room is also one of my favorites… just because green & red (especially together) hold a special spot in my heart 😉

      Don’t forget to stop by often!


  2. What gorgeous linens! Everything looks wonderful~
    I’m a sucker for ribbon embroidery! Great vintage crochet trimmed piece with the pom-poms.

    Perhaps I’ll straighten my shelves tomorrow!

      • Yes it is nice when everything comes together…even better when you can do it for very little…all my life I have created some beautiful things from practically nothing…sometimes using what others call trash…not to me…I can see art in almost anything. Love all the designs…You’ve inspired me to get back to CREATING…THAT IS MY PASSION.

  3. As a teen I remember my mom organizing the closets in our home this very same way. Well, maybe the colors were a little different back then. This post brings back nice memories.

  4. This topic caught my eye….I am so inspired to think about how I can do this in my own home….thanks! These are gorgeous ideas.

  5. Like many people these days my family is too far away. Sometimes I wish I could just reach out and touch them but distance and money make that hard so I have come up with a solution to my problem. My closet!!

    After I put a fresh coat of paint on the walls I sat back and waited. Each family member that has come to visit has had their palm red….that’s righ RED!
    I now have 23 hand prints decorating the walls of my closet. on each hand is the persons full name age and date of birth. As we don’t often think to re-paint of decorate our closet it is the perfect place to store these treasures. Recently my husband lost his father but there on the wall is his handprint and I can’t count the times we have placed out hand on his.
    Just a thought from me to you.

  6. How lovely! I used for getting my house in order, and was looking for ideas to get my closets organized. I love the line up of baskets! Thanks for posting this! 🙂


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