Come Journey With me Through a Secret Garden

Once upon a time…

There was a beautiful garden, found tucked away, deep in a wooded valley.

Journey with me through this wondrous secret garden treasure.

This is the story of Longwood, as seen through my eyes…

* All pictures by Pearl Sanborn

I was very thankful to be able to spend the day at Longwood gardens with my parents, and my daughter. We had such a wonderful time, and the day could not have been more beautiful!

I highly suggest that you spend the day at Longwood, should you ever have the chance. I’ve been able to visit during 2 different times of the year, and so far, Spring is my favorite! BUT… if I lived closer, I would get the yearly pass, so I could visit very often!

Because the gardens & greenhouses are situated on 300 acres, I would suggest wearing a pair of your most comfortable shoes. I would also suggest bringing; sunscreen, a bottle of water, your camera, and a friend to share the day with!

Longwood Gardens
The Story of how Longwood Began


25 thoughts on “Come Journey With me Through a Secret Garden”

  1. Oh did you pull at my heart’s strings today! My great grandfather was an engineer there and helped create all those fountains. My father practically grew up there and ran the grounds, creating magical childhood memories. He would sit on Mr. DuPont’s lap at the Christmas parties and remembers him as such a kind man. He and my great grandfather would run the fountain show at the ampitheater and one night, my father turned all the lights orange by mistake. lol Not that the audience knew. 🙂 Employees were given houses to live in that surround the gardens- so many family pictures were taken on the front steps of that gorgeous house. My great grandfather loved gardening so much that even though landscaping and care was provided for the employees, he did it himself. I lived in Chadds Ford for 8 years, so I have my own childhood memories there too. I saw the Wizard of Oz in the greenhouse, Brigadoon in the ampitheater, and did charity work at a fashion show there. Not to mention just going there to breathe it all in. And today, even though I’m in the desert heat of Arizona, you let me breathe it all in again. THANK YOU!!


    • Mere ~

      How wonderful your childhood sounds! I can just imagine how it must have been to see those productions there at Longwood! Perhaps I will have that chance sometime in the future! My children, all being in theatre, would love it as well!

      Do you have any pictures from those times?


  2. Just gorgeous. Thanks so much for the slideshow! My husband and I had our first official date at Longwood Gardens. It will always hold a special place in my heart. 🙂 Rosie

    • What a wonderfully romantic time you must have had! And cheers to your man who helped make it happen… I’m sure he earned lots of “romance” points for that date 😉

  3. Thank you Pearl for the beautiful photos from Longwood Gardens! They are breath-taking-just what I needed on a rainy day in Ohio. Bobbi

  4. That is beautiful Pearl! Oh my gosh, I wish I lived closer and could go there. It will have to be on my list of places I NEED to visit. Thank you for the lovely slide show.

  5. Hi Pearl!!! What a gorgeous garden! The color combinations and the structures are just breathtaking, you did a wonderful job with your photo taking too! Really liked your use of a slide show. What a treat!! Sounds like it was a wonderful memory for you and your family :)thank you for sharing them with us 🙂
    ~*~*~* Madai

    • Thank you Madai!!

      It was such a wonderful day! Like I said… if I lived closer, I would have a year long pass, so I could visit VERY often!


  6. Pearl these pictures are so beautiful. It brightened up a very dreary colder then usual day in May here in N.J.
    Thanks for posting them for us.

  7. These photos are beautiful and inspiring, I haven’t seen so many tulips ever! Love gardens, will visit some this summer but here in Sweden of course.

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. My husband and I were there last autumn on vacation and now I know we will have to go back in the spring sometime! Thanks for the pictures to entice us…..

  9. A recent question I received:
    What dates exactly did you visit Longwood? I want to time our visit in a future year for the tulips. We were there last year in the fall and saw them planting all the bulbs.
    Thanks, Lori


    * We went on the weekend of April 18th.
    It was GORGEOUS! We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!
    They have something different growing & blooming all the time. You can
    also check out their site to see what’s currently in bloom.

    I hope you enjoyed my little tour 😉



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