Build Your Own Little Cottage From Recycled and Found Materials!

I’ve always loved the thought of building a tiny little cottage from natural *mostly* free materials.

You might not have realized it, but there are people everywhere, who are building their own little cottages from free supplies that they have gathered from their property such as; mud, straw, sticks, and stones! And, no matter how hard the big bad wolf blows, he won’t be able to blow these little cottages down… not by the hair of our chinny-chin-chin 😉

With a little bit of know how and very little money… you could be in a little place of your own in a short amount of time!

Something about having a little cozy place to bake some pies, hang pretty little curtains, and be surrounded with piles of cottage gardens… is the melody of my dreams!

I think I hear music 😉


12 thoughts on “Build Your Own Little Cottage From Recycled and Found Materials!”

  1. Oh Pearl, I just loved the info on making a cottage out of natural materials. It was so intetesting AND informative, thanks.

  2. Who would have thought that you could “go green” to make a cottage. What a wonderful way to recycle old materials and end up with a cozy retreat!
    Patricia :o)

  3. Hello Girls,
    I just wanted to say I have no clue how I got to this site, but I am here to stay fi I can figure that out. You girls have such lovely projects and ideas.
    Keep up the work.

  4. To learn how to build houses like these, but even using more recycled materials, google Earthships. The guy who invented this style is an American architect and he has been teaching people around the world how to do them. He has them put together so well, they don’t use any outside resource, like water, electricity, sewage…etc.


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