Humming Bird Feeder – Vintage Glass Look

Red Hummingbird Feeder

I wanted to show you this great new humming bird feeder that I picked up at my local Walmart for $9.95!

The reason it caught my eye (besides the fact that it was deep red – my favorite color… for now ;), was because I thought that it was a thick red wine bottle that had been made into a humming bird feeder. It reminded me of some of the other thick bubble glass that some of my other garden features are made out of.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was actually plastic!

It has the look of a vintage wine bottle with a cork. At first, you might think about how hard it would be to keep the feeder filled after you take out the cork, but you actually unscrew the bottom of the feeder, turn it upside down, fill it, then turn it right side up – (after you put the bottom back on of course :).

Both the hanger & the bottom of the feeder are made out of metal, both of which help add to that vintage feel.

Peach Begonia

I purchased this feeder a week or so ago, but while I was working in the office today, I saw a little humming bird come up to the window. He was trying to get to the beautiful begonia flowers that a friend had given me (he must have been spying on me through the window :). So… I figured it was finally time to share the pretty red “vintage looking” feeder with him – and not just keep it all to myself 😉

If you get a chance, go check out the garden center at your local Walmart… maybe you can find one for your cottage garden!


13 thoughts on “Humming Bird Feeder – Vintage Glass Look”

  1. My shopping day for Walmart is on Friday~ I’ll be looking for one of these wonderful cute humming bird feeders…red is my favorite color! Thanks for the tip! I so enjoy your blog! Tina

  2. Oh I love it! My Mom bought me a lantern-shaped, stained-glass looking hummingbird feeder for Mother’s Day. I put it up the other day and I am praying to see a hummingbird! I have never seen one in my life!


  3. We have no Walmarts on the Sunshine Coast, but I’m going to get my sister to check the one in her town…this is a must-have feeder and thanks for posting the info about it.

  4. I’ve got one of these wine bottle feeders, but for some reason the humming birds can’t get the liquid out of it. I filled it in early spring and the mixture went milky and filled up with ants. It was still full in May. So, I cleaned it out and tried new stuff, same result. Three days ago I cleaned it filled it this time with just 2 cups of syrup. I’m using the same recipe I always do. So today I tried to draw some liquid out with my husbands insulin syringes. Nothing! The needle part is 1/2 an inch long. The liquid is not coming up to the surface.
    Is this my problem? Are hummingbird beaks longer than this? Anyone else with this problem?

  5. I too, fell for this feeder from Walmart.
    First off, the only metal on the whole thing is the hanger at the top. The bottom is plastic. The bottom is tapered and does need to be released of air a few times a day. Also, it does leak when the pressure gets to high. (from the heat of the sun)
    This is, by far, the worst feeder I have ever bought. Just my honest opinion.
    I have many many hummingbirds daily where I live. 2 to 3 cups of necter a day!
    This feeder is no good.
    Choose a flat bottom feeder with a glass container. These types are so much better.

  6. I bought this same feeder at Home Depot online. I thought it was glass until it was delivered. I’ve had it for 6 mos now and while the hummingbirds drink out of it I am really not a fan of this thing. For one, it stinks. I clean it out every week and put new sugar water in but something about the sun baking the plastic here in the TX heat does something. The cork is also practically gone. It just crumbled. I need to search around for another feeder – wine bottle or not – that is made of glass.


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