Easter Eggs – Elegant Ideas For Your Easter Eggs!

Have Some Fun With Your Easter Eggs This Year!

farm Easter eggs

I don’t know about you, but for me, there’s nothing like a pile of freshly boiled eggs and the smell of vinegar to bring back wonderful childhood memories of the day before Easter… around the table with my family!

And… because eggs are so inexpensive this time of year, you should take a few minutes around the kitchen table, to create some memories… and a masterpiece with your little ones!

The number of ways to decorate an egg are limitless, but I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you today.

Painted Eggs

To keep your eggs to use every year, blow the egg out, wash & dry, then paint with regular acrylic paints. You could paint them to say “spring” with birds, nests, trees, and flowers, so you could leave them up all season… not just for Easter. Look at these BEAUTIFUL examples!

painted Easter eggs

I love how these painted eggs were hung on a “blooming” apple branch!

painted eggs

Stick Ons

Decorate with stickers, stamps, or scrapbook notions.

Natural Dye

beautiful natural dye for eggs

This year, instead of purchasing a regular “same old, same old” egg dying kit, try using some of the food from your kitchen to color your eggs!

Spinach = Pale Green
Hibiscus tea = Green
Blackberries = Deep Purple
Red Cabbage = Robin’s egg Blue
Cranberries = Lavender
Beet Juice = Pale Pink
* The longer you leave the eggs in, the more the color changes

  • Decide what colors you would like to try
  • Depending on what color you’d like to try, add each item to it’s own small pot
  • Add enough water to cover eggs
  • Bring liquid to a low boil for approx. 10-20 minutes
  • Remove from heat & allow to cool slightly
  • Add 4 tablespoons of white vinegar
  • Gently add eggs and boil on low for 15 minutes
  • Turn off heat, cover, and leave eggs in dye bath until they reach desired color (can be 3 hours for deep shades)
  • Remove eggs with a slotted spoon and place on rack to dry
  • You can use a paper towel dampened with a bit of vegetable oil to rub the eggs & give them a slight shine, but I love the natural finish 😉

  • Optional: If you would like patterns on your eggs… wet a leaf of your desired herb (or other pattern), apply to egg, carefully wrap egg in a piece of old pantyhose & secure with a twist tie before placing in the dye bath to keep your pattern secure. Then, carefully unwrap after you remove the egg (using the directions above), and remove the item used for your pattern to reveal your beautiful design.

    dark colored eggs

    These eggs were colored with purple cabbage.

    natural dye Easter eggs

    Yellow Onion Skins

    onion skin dye

    I love the natural red color that the onion skins give to these eggs!
    natural colored eggs

    Grandma’s Quilt Eggs

    Cut tissue paper into small squares – make sure to use lots of different bright colors. Dip the boiled egg in water to make sure that it’s wet – apply the pieces of tissue paper – allow to dry – peel off paper to reveal that the dye was left on the egg for a beautiful patchwork quilt effect!

    Kaleidoscope Eggs

    Pick out some of your favorite colored crayons & sharpen them. Save the shavings & lay them out on a plate. Boil your eggs. While they’re still hot, take them out of the water, then roll them into the wax bits. The wax melts & sticks to the egg, giving it a special kaleidoscope effect.

    Mosaic Art

    Keep those beautiful colored egg shells that you worked so hard on! As you’re peeling your Easter eggs, be sure to keep the shells in a bowl. On a thicker piece of card stock paper, glue the colored pieces of egg shells into a pattern. The picture will turn out looking like a tile mosaic. Now you will be able to admire all of that time spent coloring your eggs for many years to come! * The kids love this project!

    Also… you might like this article that I wrote called, how to boil the perfect egg.


    20 thoughts on “Easter Eggs – Elegant Ideas For Your Easter Eggs!”

    1. I love the natural colored eggs. I am ready to give it a whirl. Thanks for great pics & inspiration.

    2. OH, They’re beautiful! I wish I had seen this before Easter. I will try it next year for sure. Thank you for the great idea.

    3. You have the most beautiful website! It always lifts my spirits and gives me wonderful ideas. The Easter eggs are just so lovely. Thank you — Barbara

    4. Just discovered your wonderful blog.
      We stopped coloring Easter Eggs b/c we no longer have little ones in the home, BUT, these area so gorgeous.
      I’m not waiting until next Easter. I’ll make some for taking to shared dinners!

    5. I have this bookmarked for next year’s Egg Coloring Celebration with my son! The pictures you posted are all gorgeous. I love how they are dyed by a natural process. I have seen some similar on Martha Stewart’s website in years past, but these are stunning! Thank you for sharing your ideas and pics with me.

    6. What a wonderful post! It helps me remember some great times from my own childhood, and from my adult Easters’ past. I used to live in Iowa not far from the Amana Colonies, and my mom used to take us as kids to visit a friend there who would dye her eggs some old fashioned way. I *do* remember that vinegar smell! Once grown I tried a natural recipe for making delightful patterns on eggs using onion skins and fern leaves, and they were delightful, just as you said.

      Thanks for sharing your beautiful images and memories.

    7. Absolutely stunning! All of it! Love, love, love the presentation, photos, colors are amazing. Very inspiring. With Easter around the corner I think I’m going to just plaster my wall with your pics and maybe do a few eggs too. Thanks!


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