Victoria Magazine – Helping a reader find a past issue

I receive so many requests for ideas, help, how-to, etc., from our readers, that I’ve decided to start sharing some of those requests & my answers, with the hope that I can help many others in the process.

Here is a recent request from a reader:

Hi Pearl,

I am desperately trying to surprise a dear friend of mine with a back issue of Victoria Magazine that he lost. I see that you were a big fan of all the old magazine which is why I am reaching out to you.

All he can tell me is that there is a section on all things cream, and that there is a wonderful oatmeal recipe in the issue.

Can you help me?

Thank you in advance for anything that you can do.

All my best,

Added Note from Amber: I worked at the magazine in 1996 and 1997 and feel very strongly that it is in those years. Please add that information to the post as readers may have those issues and be able to find it.



Dear Amber,

Thanks for taking the time to write.

Because your friend does not remember exactly what issue the magazine was, these are the ideas that I have come up with to still help you find it.

First of all, does your friend have any idea what “year” his beloved issue was published in? If so, you could pick up the collection for that year for $19.95. That way, even though you’re not sure which “issue” it is, you will still be sure to have it, when you pick up the whole year’s worth of issues…and $19.95 is not a bad price…plus the fact that you’ll have lots of other nice magazines as well!

For example, here is the nov/dec 07 – nov/dec 08 collection

If he remembers what the front cover looks like, you look through front covers of the back issues here.

I tried looking up the issue based on the 2 items that he remembers, but
unfortunately, they do not have any sort of contents listed for each issue
on the website. BUT, I am sure they would have that info in customer

You could call customer service & describe the issue to them:
(877) 675-5361

Another way to go is…ebay! You can pick up a whole “lot” of magazines very inexpensively. This would be perfect if he could recognize the front cover – or knew what year the magazine was published! In any case… if he is a “Victoria” lover, you can’t go wrong by picking up a bundle of past issues 😉

** Readers – do you have any help for Amber? Do you remember an issue of Victoria with lots of info about “all things cream”, and a special oatmeal recipe? If so, post your thoughts in the comments below!

Amber let us know how things turn out!

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Editor Update: Victoria Magazine Found!

Here is a note that I just received: from an ebay seller that I contacted to see if she could help us:

“Hello Dear Pearl,
Finally! I have a friend who runs a Victoria Magazine fan forum, and she had all of the “girls” looking. It is November 1997. I have verified in my personal collection, and see the theme was oatmeal and cream. There are a few oatmeal recipes, such as oatmeal scones..

I hope this helps!


* Thank you so much Victoria! And… to all of you Victoria lovers out there, check out Victoria’s ebay store, she carries MANY back issue of Victoria Magazine! How wonderful that you have the opportunity to pick up so many GREAT issues that you might have originally missed out on!


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  1. Editor’s Note:

    This is the note I received from Amber – our desperate Victoria Magazine hunter…

    “Dearest Pearl,

    Yes, yes, that’s it!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so helpful. I am so excited to purchase the issue and give it to my friend.

    I looked on your site on either Thursday or Friday and saw no replies. I was starting to give up hope. Then I went away for the weekend and got your email.

    I’ll let you know my friend’s reply.

    Wishing you all the best.

  2. Editors Note: From Our reader Amber…

    Dear Pearl,

    My friend received his Victortia Magazine issue today and was SO very happy.

    Thank you again for being so instrumental in finding this gift for my friend.

    Wishing you all the best.

  3. Hi,

    I am trying to find the location and phone number for a business called Celestial Touch in Los Angeles, CA, which carried Stella Alberti’s collages. The nane of the article was called An Embroiderer’s Celestial Touch A special Passion. It appeared in the OLD Victoria Magazine. I don’t have a specific month or year. It described a Christmas workshop to make Christmas stockings, in Los Angeles. Therefor I assume it was in a Nov. or Dec. issue, maybe 1998 thru 2002. I tore out the article, but not the “shopping info.” so I don’t know how to contact them. I have tried the Internet and have not been successful, every “hit” is for massage parlors of houses of ill repute.
    I hope you can help me.
    Mickie at

  4. I am searching for an article in Victoria Magazine on the Moody sisters cottages in Montecito, California. It was several years ago. How can I get a copy?

  5. hi…i am desperately trying to locate a copy of voctoria magazine from october 1998 with the article about the house from the movie “practical magic”. do you have any idea where i can find one? thank you so much!

  6. Hello,

    I am trying to find the month and year of a back issue Victoria magazine that featured Merchant Ivory films Howards End and A Room with a View,

    • Hi Maria,
      believe it or not – I was just re-reading this issue this very morning!
      I just found this site and your inquiry today.
      Perhaps you alrady know – the Merchant Ivory article was in the April 1992 issue of Victoria Magazine.
      Best regards,
      (San Francisco)

  7. I am looking for a magazine that featured
    the home of Norma and Jeff Diver. It was a Victorian Queen Ann home. It might have been 15-20 years ago. They lived in Glen Ellyn, Illinois at the time. Norma owned a store(Norma Diver’s Antiques). Would appreciate your help in finding this magazine article.

    Thank you, Myrna Woznica

  8. I once saw a cookie cutter for sale in the back of a Victoria Magazine that was a gnome. Does anyone know who sells them? Thank you!

  9. I am desperately looking for an article in an old issue of Victoria magazine (probably 1996-7) not sure the month. It was a smallish ode to an old home called “On Moving”. It is beautifully written and I have held onto it for years, only now cannot locate my copy. Any suggestions on how to track this down?

  10. I have been trying to find the older Victoria issue of designer Mary Baltz’s home where she added a fabulous light blue chair to her living room in her all white house. {Her home was featured in the Victoria books “At Home with White” and “Designer’s in Residence”.} I would appreciate any help.

  11. Hi there. A few years ago and a disorganized move, I’ve lost my issue of Victoria that had an article on a restaurant called (can’t recall the whole name), “Angler & something…”. A collection of recipes was included, a perfect Lemon Square and Cherry Scones. They are a Christmas tradition, and I would love for anyone that has that issue, to please print up the recipe?

    Thank you!

  12. Hi. Does anyone know of an existing index of all the past Victoria magazine stories? I have all the issues but would find it very helpful to be able to locate articles digitally rather than go through each issue and its pages. Thanks


  13. I am trying to locate an old Victoria magazine article that featured a jewelry artist that made velvet and crystal beaded choker style necklaces. Can anyone help me recall the issue? Sorry, I know it’s not much to go on 🙂

  14. Hi all,
    I am looking for the issue of Victoria magazine (likely published 1999-2003) which featured intricate ball gown dresses. I don’t think there were many articles on fabulous dresses, so I hope this stands out in someone’s memories. I believe the first one featured was an amazing pink and purple concoction, and when I think of “wedding dress” I think of it as a place to begin!
    If anyone could point out which issue this is in, I would reallllllly appreciate it.
    Thank you so much for any help!

  15. Hi! I am searching for a Victoria magazine, I believe it is the October 1998 issue and it has pumpkin recipes in it. The one I am interested in is the Scallops in pumpkin cream sauce. If you can help me find this issue I would be eternally grateful.


  16. Hi there,

    I’m trying to locate a 1997 or possibly 1998 publication called Reader to Reader put out by Vicotria Magazine. My sister, our two best friends and I were published in it. It was about our time at the Jekyll Island Club. There was a photograph of the 4 of us in white with the club’s tower in the background. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

  17. You had an article in one of your late 1980’s or early 1990’s Victoria Magazine concerning Belgian Bobbin lace. Please tell me what issue it was in or how may I get a copy of the article?

  18. Hi! I’m looking for a old (1980’s or 1990’s) copy of Victoria magazine that featured a recipe for a ham that was baked in a pastry, with pastry roses on top. The ham was marinated or cooked in several ingredients, one of them being leeks. My mother made it and it was wonderful. She died 3 years ago, and I have search for the recipe, but cannot find it. I would really appreciate it if someone could jot down the recipe for me.


  19. Hello. Happy holiday. I am trying to find reasonably priced back issues of Victoria Magazine – January/February of 2010 and 2011. I am retired and find the prices on Ebay to be ridiculous – if the magazine is reasonably priced, the shipping charges are outrageous.

    Thank you for your help.

  20. Hi, I am looking for a magazine Victoria. I think it was a July issue in 1997 or 1991. It was all about porch’s and had a beautiful one on the front and the same one in the middle of the book. Any help would be great. Thank you.


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