Color Inspiration For Whole House Decorating

Here is the color inspiration the we’ve used for the whole cottage! This set of boxes was a gift from my husband, and I love them so much, that I am using them as a color jumping point for the whole cottage decorating scheme.

Do you have something that you love such as; a vintage quilt, a set of dishes, an old post card, a set of stationary, a children’s book?

If you take a look at these boxes, they are made up of many colors, but somehow they all go together beautifully!

So I can look at the boxes & pull one or more of the colors out to use in each room of the house. I could decide to accent any particular room with all of the colors if I wish, because I can already see how nicely they all go together by having this “mental picture” to go by.

Having trouble deciding what colors to use in your home? Go find something that really “speaks” to you & use it to wash your home with color!


3 thoughts on “Color Inspiration For Whole House Decorating”

  1. Hi there! Those boxes are beautiful and are just the colors I love! Do you know where your hubby got them? I do love such old fashioned things…just lovely! Those are all my favorite colors:)

    Thanks for emailing me – I just wanted to check out your blog and to tell you that I’ll be back! You have such an eye for cottage design and are very inspiring. I’m going to add you to my cottage link list right away…I’m so glad I found you!

  2. Hi Pearl,
    I’m just now reading some of your old posts…..can you tell me what you do with your stacking boxes? Display? Storage? Something more inventive than that?
    Thanks for all the fun ideas – my creative juices are flowing,


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