How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers

Organizing the drawers in your kitchen is a wonderful feeling! Have you ever gone to the drawer to find something and spent several minutes and had to sift through all of the little goodies that you’ve collected & added to the drawer over the years just to find that 1 item that you’re looking for?

There is one thing that I have learned over the last few months, cooking in the kitchen goes much smother when you can go right to the location of the tool that you need – and actually find it right away! The holiday season means much more time in the kitchen, so there’s no great time than the present to tidy up your creative cooking space!

Here are a few helpful tips for organizing your drawers:

1. Empty the drawer of all contents
2. Thoroughly clean the drawer
3. Go through the items one at a time
4. Put the items into different boxes – 1 to keep, 1 to pass, 1 for trash
5. Line drawer with non-slip material (I’ve purchased this in rolls at the $1 store)
6. Place clean items in drawer in a tidy organized way
7. Rinse & repeat on all of your drawers 🙂

I love having nicely organized drawers in our new kitchen!


4 thoughts on “How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers”

  1. So orderly! I love the simplicity shown in your photo…really only a few essential tools and utensils are needed:) I need to cull my drawer content once again and get rid of the extraneous items that just take up space.

  2. Thanks!

    It’s such a nice feeling – to go into the kitchen & want to cook – knowing that I will be able to easily find everything I need – QUICKLY! Admittedly, before
    we moved into our new cottage, just the thought of cooking sometimes frustrated me – knowing the fiasco it would be digging through piles of things just to find the “one little tool” that I really needed!

    I plan on working to “keep the peace” in my new kitchen drawers 🙂

    * Thanks so much for the kind words about “A Storybook Life” on your blog yesterday – it was such a sweet thing for you to do! I can’t wait to see how you put your new things to work in your cottage! Because of the colors that you already have, I think they would look beautiful in ANY room!


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