Sitting Area With Grapevine Garland

I Love this sitting area in the dining room – lots of light & big windows! When trying to decide what to do about the window coverings, I decided to leave them open. At the end of the season, I went outside & gathered some vines from the cottage garden. Then, I simply took some small gage wire & hung the garland up on some small nails that were placed every few feet near the ceiling. You can see the little white birds that I added. They clip on & add a nice natural feel. During the Christmas season, I hang our Christmas cards along the garland using an opened paperclip place in a hole in the corner of each card.

Here’s a picture of one of the birds close up, although this one is on the primitive Christmas tree on the side of the room.
It’s so easy to add a natural feel to a room. Here, I’ve used a harvest basket, plants, vintage watering can, clay pots, birds, and a cast iron bunny.


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  1. I just recently made (with some help) curtains for my living room and kitchen. In the kitchen we made a curtain that rolls up under a small panel and two peices of fabric come from behind the curtain over the roll and velcro under the panel. That way I have privacy at night, then during the day I can roll it up for light. The panel and tabs are one fabric and the curtain is another. This might look nice in your room with a real nice cottage fabric. It really is a cute curtain, if you are interested I can send pictures.


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