Items From the Garden Make Nice Indoor Displays

I like to bring garden items inside to enjoy. That way, no matter what the temps are like outside, you can enjoy the garden feeling all year round! I’ve paired up a vintage watering can ($1 at yard sale), a cast iron bunny ($4), and some clay pots (a few cents each at the end of the year sale in the garden centers!)

What do you have in the garden that you could bring inside to add some “life” to your winter decor? Plants, clay pots, watering cans, benches, bird bath, fountain, topiary, or grapevine wreaths are all good examples of things that you could bring in.

A simple decorating idea that goes a long way is…

Take one of your clay pots where the flowers have finished blooming & the plant is gone. Remove the spent stems, add a nice piece of moss from the woods to the top of the pot. You can display several of these (could choose different sizes if you wish) along a window sill or down the center of the table just as they are, or you could add different things to jazz them up a little. Here are a few examples of some things that you could add on top of the moss; a piece of fruit, a candle, ribbon, pine cone, acorn, small twig with lots of branches to hang things on, a single rosebud, a small vegetable, etc.

Just a few ideas for no cost seasonal decorating – my favorite kind 🙂


3 thoughts on “Items From the Garden Make Nice Indoor Displays”

  1. Dear Tea,

    Thanks for the note!

    Well, until you have some things to bring in…. right now is the best time to pick up some things for the garden.
    Even if you live in an apartment, you could still buy “garden” types of things to display around your home – to bring in that bit of nature.

    I have found some wonderful sales in the garden centers lately! Especially the ones that are included in the large depot types of stores. You can find WONDERFUL things for up to 95% off retail price! I recently picked up a few flower pots that I absolutely love! They are cement with moss all over them – they look like they’ve been in the garden for years collecting moss. These pots would look wonderful by themselves – or filled with things such as; pinecones, a potted houseplant, or some garden magazines.

    The whole ideas is to add natural elements that give a warm homey feeling to your living space.

  2. Funny you should say that. I started last year bringing my special garden items in afraid that the cold Canadian winter would kill them. So I brought in my wall fairy, my turtle and all my fossils that I collected thru the years. I hate to have some of them disappear into the earth after a long hard winter.

    Annabelle ~^..^~


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