Winter Snow in Upstate NY

Winter Snow

As you’ve probably heard all over the news, we’ve been getting more than our share of snow over the last few days here in Upstate, NY. We are VERY used to getting snow (and lots of it), but this year has been very mild with almost no snow until last week. Then… it all started coming in at once! We’ve been getting a couple ft of snow every day!

Here in the picture, you can see my husband trying plow out our country lane. My goal is to have a large tractor for this job next year 🙂


7 thoughts on “Winter Snow in Upstate NY”

  1. Oh my! You are really getting a lot of snow. We have some, and it’s staying, because it stays cold. But no where like the amount you have.

    You’re ready for it though, and that’s what counts.


  2. Hi Pearl,
    How fun. That is easy for me to say because we don’t have any snow. I really enjoy your blogs and all your fun ideas.
    Bye for now Amy F.

  3. HI Pearl; I have lived in the small town that you now, live in all of my life. We are now spending our winters in Florida, just to get away from the snow and cold of the winter months. It sounds like this winter is just like the winter of 1966. I had to stand on a kitchen chair to see out of our living room window. I am sure the plowing crews in your town are keeping roads cleared so that most people can get to work and the stores. We will be back to Camden, in the spring. Good Luck

  4. Sandy – Thanks for stopping by to say hello! We love our little village & choose to move here to start our family approx. 18 1/2 years ago. The snow is so beautiful – but I do long to start my gardens 🙂


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