Make Your Home Always Smell it’s Best

The only thing better than having a clean home, is having your home smell clean! There are so many air fresheners on the market that simply overpower your room with the heavy scent of flowers & perfumes, but I have found a great product that leaves everything smelling like freshly peeled oranges!

I know that we each have different scents that are more pleasing to us, but for some reason, I have never been able to enjoy the overpowering floral scents in our home. I think my favorite room scents of all time are a mixture of cloves, oranges, cinnamon, & apple – which is what I have simmering right now on my desk. I also love to put a pot of simmering bits such as; cloves, cinnamon sticks, whole anise, orange peels, and vanilla, on the stove during the fall & winter months. But sometimes, you just need a quick bit of help to freshen up a room, and you really want a nice pleasing scent.

I have tried many different types of air fresheners, but the one that I picked up recently is one is a clear winner! It is called Pure Citrus – it’s 100% natural, a non-aerosol, and it fills the house with the refreshing scent of freshly peeled oranges! I’ve also noticed that the scent lasts for quite a while, and it covers quite an area within my home when sprayed. I love this product!

* You can pick up a bottle at your local Walmart. Prices average approx. $3 per can.


6 thoughts on “Make Your Home Always Smell it’s Best”

  1. How fabulous! I will have to check this one out for sure. I just love a clean-smelling home. For me, the only thing that tops citrus is vanilla. I think I’ve seen this at my local health food store too.

  2. Thank you for recommending Pure Citrus. I have been looking for an all natural product and I happen to love the smell of citrus. On my next trip to Walmart I will surely pick up a can.
    Diane Adams

  3. I’ll have to try this out and maybe buy a few fresh potted Hyacinths as well, but before I do that I should seriously get some cleaning done before Easter…lol Thanks
    Luv Annabelle

  4. I dont use the sprays either because its overpowering but smell unnatural to me. I usually just put some orange peels, lemon peels, apple skins & sometimes cinn. in a pot of water on my stove & let it slowly simmer. I love the smell.


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