Pink & Green Inspiration for Your Home and Garden

Are you in love with pink & green? If so, I thought I would share some great pictures to help give you some inspiration for your home & garden.

I especially love the center picture! I’ve decided to use a color similar to this one on the walls in my creative space. Here are my thoughts as of right now.
Walls – lime/chartreuse
Trim – white
Accent Fabric – Black & white toile
Accent Colors – Red, Deep Blue, Black

I will share the pictures as I progress 🙂

Take a minute to share your upcoming project ideas with us!


8 thoughts on “Pink & Green Inspiration for Your Home and Garden”

  1. Hi Pearl,

    I think that’s a great color combination! I almost painted my kitchen Pear Green (BM) with black & white toile curtains but decided to go with Misty Gray. Can’t wait to see your pictures of your creative space. I don’t know if you’ve stopped by my blog lately but I have a pix up of the little art studio house I’m building and I’ll share pictures as I go along too.

    AND I love those Room Service Holiday houses you have pictured. I was too late to get one last year and I never got around to making one, but it’s on my Christmas to do list for this year!


  2. I just adore pink & green! I’m longing for a future daughter so I have an excuse to decorate in that color combo. If that doesn’t work out, then my future guest room will be adorned with those colors. I like the added splash of red & white, for a slightly less feminine, more beach-cottage feel.

    My living room is a lime/mint green and I love it, especially when it is infused with sunlight. I accent mostly with blue & white, with a few pops of red & yellow. I was going for more of a Scandinavian cottage style.

    Here’s an older photo taken at night –

  3. Hi! What an inspiration! Our bathroom is pink and green – simply because when we bought our house the old bath from the 1950’s was already green. After debating about the cost of having it replaced, or resprayed, we simply decided to work with what we had – and we now have THE most adorable pink and green themed bathroom. It’s delightful!! I now adore the colour combination and wouldn’t change it for the world!!


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