Decorating for Spring

Vintage Pine Cabinet

Although I love to decorate for the holidays, I never really thought about changing things around during each season… until now 😉

About 8-9 years ago, we decided that someday soon we would move into a different home. We wanted something a little larger for our growing family, and more land for our growing desire for gardening! After we found our property, we went through the process of finding a house plan & building the new house. Fast forward several years… I finally feel settled & excited about decorating & gardening for the future.

In the past, I would normally get in the mood to decorate when the holidays came around a few times each year. Now, in our first year in the new cottage, I find myself thinking in terms of seasons – not just holidays.

I’ve always loved to look through magazines & see the beautiful pictures of homes as they go through their seasonal changes, but I always thought it was to expensive, as well as to much work. Now, however, I have a new philosophy… Why Not?

Even if the only thing you change is a picture, a piece of fabric, or a potted plant, you’re still keeping things interesting & current. And expensive? I should have known better 🙂 I have been known to uncover “many a good deal” in these parts 😉 So… I wanted to share some of the recent changes for the new season. This is our first Spring in the new house – as well as the beginning of a wonderful new tradition… change 😉

My friend bought me these little prim chicks from a favorite prim store of mine.

I love having different platters & bowls to serve our family & guests. When I find one at a great price, I snatch it up quick 🙂 This one was only $6 from a Pier One Sale!

* I just had to dress the rusty tin star with a dash of color 🙂

I love vintage wooden butter bowls – I picked these up in a $1 box at auction. The little bunny is cast iron.

I love these pears! I picked them up for .79 cents. They have such a vintage look with their coat of sparkles.

Inspiration Board

Primitive Angel

Isn’t she beautiful! I especially love her little red lips!

P is for Pearls

A gift from a friend – I love pearls & my name is Pearl 🙂

Angel Ornament

My friend made this little ornament for me. I love the way it sparkles!

I picked up the waverly toile runner for $5 at a local discount store. I want to add some pots of green plants to the center.

Here’s a close up of the little cast iron birds in the table wreath.

I can tell this is going to be fun!! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Decorating for Spring”

  1. Love your styling for the seasons-that’s why we love to visit quaint shops. That’s why we buy home decorating magazines. Taking that creative license in our own place is rewarding on many levels. First you get to be creative and second you and we get to enjoy your designs and finally creativity breeds more creativity, so the beauty grows. Thanks for sharing your cottage home. It is inspiring!

  2. I love that P made out of pearls, what a great gift! You really find the best stuff at fantastic prices!

    I like changing things for the seasons. I have my spring/summer colors (aqua & brown) and my fall/winter colors (red,gold & brown) and I try to find little things like pillows & plates in those colors that are easy to change.


  3. Pearl,
    Your decorations are so pretty! Thank you for sharing.
    I love Toile fabrics. I’m regretting walking away from a remnant piece of a lime green and pink one.

  4. Wow–your style is just too beautiful for words.
    I love romantic decorating! I have chick and
    iron bird envy now! 🙂 And I think the little
    rabbit is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…What
    are the eggs made from?

  5. Kim – Thank you so much for the kind words – you’re such a sweetie! When I saw those iron chicks & bunnies – I knew that I should pick them up (sometimes I wait & think about a purchase, but this time I knew I would love them 🙂 The eggs are some sort of plastic – painted to look prim.


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