Dressing Our Cottage For Autumn

Harvest Table
Today, I though I would share a few pictures of the Harvest decorations around our home. We’ve had alot of fun putting things together this year, and I think we’ve decorated more than we ever have! The kids keep saying… everything feels so warm & cozy! I feel the same way, as I love the warmth that all of the candles & warm colors bring!

Grubby Candle With Acorns
My husband & I picked up the acorns on a walk a few days ago.

Vintage Blue Cabinet
This is my “new vintage” cabinet (I’ll share more about this piece later).

Autumn Harvest Decor
I love the pink & green squash! I picked up the black wooden bowl for $2 a while back!

Smiling Pumpkin Pumpkin Boy

Friendly Spider
Such a happy little guy – and how sweet is that little candy sack!

Black & Orange Pumpkin
I decided to put this pumpkin on a candle stand.

Pretty Pumpkin Pigs with Pottery Platter

Stained Glass Light Black vintage chair with pumpkin

Smiling Spiders
Such a happy little family – the only way I like the little critters 😉

Turkey Needlework
I recently picked up this little needlepoint for $1.25!

Prim Kitty and Candle
The vintage looking bubble glass is actually meant for a light fixture. I picked this one up at Lowes for $3!

Vintage Red Cupboard
I loved the marching crows on these prim tea towels.

Dried Hydrangeas
Here’s the top of my vintage dining room cabinet that we bought for $2 at a yard sale!

Vintage Red Cupboard
Putting it all together

Sheep Family
A little family of prim sheep that our good friends bought for us!

Sheep with rusty tin mustard star Prim sheep
Daddy Sheep

Harvest - Home Decor
Entry decor

Beautiful Pumpkin
Here’s a beautiful pumpkin that our friends gave us for a gift last week! I’ve wanted a pumpkin like this for a while, because I love how real they look!

I hope you’re enjoying your harvest decorations as much as we are!


26 thoughts on “Dressing Our Cottage For Autumn”

  1. I love your decorations. This is my favorite time of the year. I live in Plains, Georgia-a block and a half from former President Jimmy Carter and we really decorate around here since most homes are from the 1910s.It makes me feel cozy and warm to see pumpkins, scarecrows and many other items on the front porches. I am leaving for West Virginia for a few days and cannot wait to see fall decorations. Happy Fall. Keep posting your wonderful pictures of your home.

  2. Oh, I love your photo’s. Everything looks so wonderful, warm and inviting. I especially like the little spider guy. He is sooooooooooo cute. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your home.

    • Kari & Kijsa –
      Thanks so much! I went over to your site to have a peek around. I love your new bunny platter… just my type of thing 😉 I love to have lots of platter to use in my decorating – as well as for serving our food!

  3. I want to go to yard sales with you 🙂 It is all so cheerful yet elegant too. The chicken platter is beautiful, and I really like the black iron basket.

  4. I love the way you’ve co-ordinated the
    colors- it’s so pleasing to the senses.
    I also love the way you “seasonalize”
    things that could be used in other settings.I especially love the entry
    display you’ve created.Thanks for sharing. – Suzie

  5. Thanks so much for posting these pictures! I love the glimpses we get of your beautifully decorated home. Such an inspiration! Thank you!


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