Make a beautiful Fall Wreath Free by Using Natural Found Items

Nothing says welcome like a beautiful wreath!

hops wreath

Wreaths are beautiful anytime of year, but during the Autumn season, you can fill your wreath with anything found in nature for a wonderful look! You don’t have to spend any money, and using items found around your home & garden, you will have a gorgeous wreath in no time!

I like to start my wreaths out with a vine base. Simply take your pieces of vine, and start shaping them into the shape that you want. Any kind of vines can be used in wreath making. I’ve used both grape vines, and bittersweet vines to make my wreath bases. Using a vine base allows you to simply weave your decorating material into the wreath, intertwining the stems with the vines.

The items that you can use to decorate your wreath with are only limited to your imagination! Here are just a few ideas:

– twigs
– leaves
– acorns
– bittersweet berries
– milk pods
– feathers
– rusty tin wire or shapes (star, heart, pumpkin, crow)
– Indian corn
– small gourds
– dried hydrangeas or other flowers
– berry sprigs
– herbs from the garden
– dried grasses
– cinnamon sticks
– cat tails
– small succulents from the garden
– bird’s nests
– pine cones
– fungi (the kind you see growing on the side of a tree)

Here are some inspiration pictures to help you get started!

pine cone wreath 2

bird house wreath Fall wreath

door wreath

hydrangea wreath

red wreath colorful fall wreath

berry wreath succulent wreath

front door wreath

twig wreath cottage wreath


17 thoughts on “Make a beautiful Fall Wreath Free by Using Natural Found Items”

  1. Beautiful. Thank you. I’ve found my project for next week. Also, your penny rug inspiration. It has not left me. That is still way up there on my to-do list. I love your blog.

  2. What variety! Here in Southern California, finding many of these items isn’t that easy. Most of our trees either lose their leaves with little dazzle or stay green. Occasionally, we find a bountiful area– or we sneak up to the local mountains.

    Then, there’s always Michaels…

    Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  3. I live in a charming country town in Kansas, where every year, we hold a fund raiser for fighting cancer. This entails the women in our town to make wreaths, they are then sold by silent auction. Thank you for giving me some fab ideas….blessings…….T

    • That sounds like a wonderful project! Let us know how it goes this year. I’d also love to see some pictures of the gal’s work. Perhaps those wreaths would give all of us inspiration!


  4. Those wreaths are beautiful! Are they all made fresh from the outdoors, and about how long should I expect the leaves to keep their beautiful color after being picked and placed on a wreath? Thank you for the ideas of what to use…wreathes purchased at the store are so expensive.

    • Heidi –

      Most of these examples are made to be used both inside & outside. The rule of thumb is… if it’s made with all natural items, it is ok to be used outside – but – if you use the little picks & decorations from your local craft store, you need to check & make sure they will be ok for outside use. I’ve seen wreaths that people have made using the pretty colored berry springs from the craft store… then after one rain… the color washed off & the foam inside the berries expanded & they all popped open – giving the look of melted popcorn! Yikes!

      That’s why… it’s better to use natural items when you plan on using your new wreath outside! After all, you spent your creative cells working on it – so you want to be able to enjoy it all season!

      And, if you store it properly, you could use it for years to come! Be careful though… I left one of my wreaths in the basement, only to find a little creature had found it & was enjoying the miniature indian corn MUCH more than I was! So… after the wreath dries completely, wrap in a paper bag & store it in a box with a lid on it 😉


  5. Oh those are beautiful wreaths! I started making my own wreaths back in 2000. It really is amazing how much great stuff you can find and use right in your own back yard. Love the pictures. You are very talented!

    This is such a beautiful time of year! Fall decorating is my absolute favorite.

    If you like the natural patterns, you can bring them into your home year round with a gorgeous mural.
    A fresh, fun, and budget friendly way to decorate!

    • Lisa – Thanks for the kind words! I love this time of year… there is so much to look at & so much color! I use wreaths in all kinds of ways – including as a centerpiece on the kitchen table with a nice smelling candle in the middle!

      * I also wanted to note – that the pictures above are not my own creations 😉

    • Dear Carrie –

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and thanks for stopping by! I hope you stop over to share your thoughts often! I’m going to stop over to your blog as well.

      Have a great day!


  6. oh Pearl, it reminds me of a few years back when my then 10 year old daughter and I went into the woods and found an abundance of natures gifts. We used some for the fall but then had so much left we decorated our entire Christmas tree with all that was left. We even has a starfish for the tree top. We painted leaves silver & gold, hung nuts, pretty shells, pinecones and other natural materials. It was the best tree ever but the memories of collecting all that with her was even better. It is one of my best memories.


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