Creations Under Glass – Part 2


First of all… I want to thank all of you who participated in the “Creations Under Glass” segment! What wonderful displays for our eyes to behold! However, there were several friends that I had asked to participate, that for one reason or another, where not able to do so at the time.

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some of their finished creations, so I decided to have a “part 2” to the segment. How could I resist with such sumptuous pretties to enjoy!

In case you missed it, here is part one of this segment:
Creations Under Glass – Creative Displays to Fuel The Imagination


Just look at the beautiful creations that Carol has put together for us to enjoy… all the way from Germany!

And… if you love her work here, you’re going to love her blog BoxwoodCottage, where she shares all kinds of ideas about crafting, gardening, and decorating!

Be sure to click on the pictures & leave some “luv” in her Flickr comments!

creations under glass - doll head

lady under glass


egg and nest

Easter display





Hop Hop Jingle Boo will keep your creative thinking at it’s peek! Debra is an amazing folk artist, and I know you will love peeking at her creations as much as I do! And… don’t forget to stop by her blog as well… lots to see there!

bunny under glass



You can visit Andrea at One Hundred Wishes – and find lots of beautiful tidbits to beautify your space! You will also enjoy her blog which she calls Velvet Strawberries – where you can get to know Andrea better!




You’ll love her Etsy shop with all of her pretty little things!



Have a great time visiting Jo’s blog Old Flowers For Me, and her Flickr pictures as well!

I love how Jo uses a piece of an old wedding veil along with the little paper flowers, a bird’s nest, and some other odds & ends to make this beautiful display!



Visit Cammy at Freckled Farm! You’ll find lots to take in & be inspired by!


** My next big segment will be Creative Spaces – Where Creativity Rules, in which we will share the special spaces that allow your creativity to shine! We want to highlight the ways you organize, how you decorate your creative space, beautiful shelves, etc.

Please feel free to send in your pictures, flickr links, and blog address if you would like to participate.

If you would like to be a part – please feel free to contact me!

Writing to you from my little cottage tucked deep in the woods, beyond the stone wall, and just before the bend in the river.

Creations Under Glass – Creative Displays to Fuel The Imagination

birds under glass
by Madai from Wren Cottage |details below

Once upon a time…

There was a little old lady who lived in a vinegar bottle…

Even though it was many years ago, and I was just beginning my days at school, I can still remember exactly how the story began.

I can still see my friends and I sitting in our favorite reading corner, all nestled on the story rug listening intently to the librarian as she read to us… the tales of other times and far away places.

I’ve always thought of this story as one of my favorite childhood tales, but as I tried to recall it recently, I realized that the rest of the story didn’t make it’s way into my memory whatsoever. However, the very first line was enough to fuel my imagination for all of these years!

I remember as if it were yesterday… as I heard the words… wondering into that little glass house with the little old lady and making myself at home.

I remember my teacher describing the little cottage as being tucked away deep in the forest, so that no one could find it without already knowing the secret path to her front door. She warmed herself with her tiny wood stove, in which burned a cozy crackling fire, sending tiny rings of smoke out of the top of the chimney. In front of the wood stove was a little rug and a comfy little chair where she would sit and read amongst the pretty pillows.

As I read the original story online today, all of those juicy little details were mysteriously absent from the text!

So now I’m left to wonder…

Did my teacher actually describe the little glass cottage in the woods… or did my mind begin to wander after hearing the very first sentence and creatively fill in the blanks…

How it really happened I can’t honestly be sure, but what I am sure of is my long time love of tiny little things – especially when they are under glass.

So what I’ve done is…

I’ve asked some of my friends to share their creativity with us. I simply told them… “use your creativity to put together a display under glass.” I asked them to try to use a cloche or cake stand, but if they couldn’t find either of those… to use what they could! And… they didn’t hear my little story, so they are sharing things that fuel their creative imagination!

I know you are going to love what they’ve come up with… almost as much as I do 😉


Let me introduce you to Tiffany. She has a wonderful ability to create displays, and somehow, she can make anything look beautiful… from little snippets of paper… to left over bit & bobs from the tool drawer! Just look at what Tiffany has put together! You’ll have to look at it for a while to see all of the beautiful little bits that she’s included in her piece! I especially love the little nest, and how little Ms. Birdie has built it with so many pretty things 😉

Tiffany's creations under glass

Here are some of Tiffany’s other creations where she uses glass as a way of “collecting” beautiful objects!

display under glass

spool display

Secret treasures!
tucked in a bottle

candy under glass

Where time stands still
watch pearls

You’re going to love Tiffany’s website – Beyond the Vintage Path!
Also – stop by her blog & share some comments!


My dear Madai has some of the most beautiful creations I’ve ever seen! Her sumptuous glittery bits make me wish for one of each! You can “try” to pick up one of her creations in her Etsy shop, but you must hurry… as people seem to swarm for her things 🙂 Do stop by her wonderful blog Wren Cottage and get to see all of Madai’s creations and decor up close!

Here the Princess tried to sleep… she really did… but who could sleep with such beautiful things to gaze upon!

quilts under glass

Layers and layers of beautiful lace and quilts


There’s that pretty little pea 😉

Here Mr. Bunny is ready for tea

With such lovely little treats… who could pick just one!

It’s the Spring Baby Bird contest & Mr. sheep is the first to vote!

birds under glass


As you look through Cathy’s website, blog, and Flickr pictures… one thing becomes very clear… you know you’ve seen these beautiful things somewhere before! That’s because Cathy’s beautiful decor has been featured in many different publications. She is especially known for her wonderful little pink garden cottage. When I asked Cathy to share a creation with us, just look at what she came up with! Don’t you just love the little momma bird caring so deeply for all of those beautiful eggs!

blue bird under glass

Stop over at Cathy’s website – Treasured Heirlooms to pick up a few pretty things for your home, or her blog to share a few thoughts, you’ll be glad you did!


Debrina, from “spark your imagination“, always does just that… she takes you to beautiful places with each piece that she creates!

You can’t bottle up the music inside!
birds in a bottle


Eunice had some lovely things to share! I just love this sweet little bird… way up high caring for her nest!

And how about this “dream” banner!


What a lovely little angel… and all of that snow looks like diamonds!
angel and snow under glass

Take a stroll through her Etsy shop to see some more of her lovely things!


Jennifer once made me buy a magazine! Well… let me say… the feature of her house was what made me have to buy that issue and add it to my “keeper” collection at home 😉 It was wonderful to find her online, and see even more of her beautiful decor! You can take a peek inside of her home, and see some of her creations at her blog – Sweet Eye Candy Creations. I know that I am just one of many who love Jennifer’s style… because when I asked her to participate in this segment, she quickly made such a little sweet creation… only to have it sell within minutes!

Well… who wouldn’t want this little sweetie in their home to greet them each morning!

Easter candy egg art


Mary created the most lovely little display! I think I would like to have this in the center of my table when my friends come for tea! Mary… shall we 😉

Mary’s blog “Little Red House” is always filled with beautiful things! You & Mary must become friends… especially if you shall be greeted with such “pretties” on the table when you call for tea 🙂

tea cup under glass

tea cups


Becky has such a beautiful home! You’re going to love visiting with her over at Sweet Cottage Dreams!

She made this lovely “collage jar” a while back, and I thought it was such a lovely way to display all of your favorite little things! Look at how much you can fit in one large jar… and you could turn it around to display whichever side you were in the mood for at the moment!

null null

null null


Judy does lots of things with pretty papers and fabrics. I found her on Flickr, while looking at her pictures of beautiful far away places… and I’m so glad I did! You’ll want to be sure to look at all of her pictures, as well as visit her inspiring blog

This little fairy is out gathering flowers, while draped with her own shabby chic bunting! We love this Judy!

fairy under glass


The motto of the Birds of a Feather blog, is “dream, inspire, create”. That is exactly what Heidi causes us to do… when we look at her beautiful creation!

Just look at this sumptuous collection of lace, ribbons, and glittery things in Heidi’s creation under glass! Look how she has propped the lid of the cake stand open, and made it appear as though it is the roof of the little birdie’s home! And… I love the sweet Spring colors!
ribbons, lace, under glass

Here you can see the little princess up close!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the wonderful “creations under glass” from my very creative friends!

** My next big segment will be “Creative Spaces – Where Creativity Rules”, in which we will share the special spaces that allow your creativity to shine! We want to highlight the ways you organize, how you decorate your creative space, beautiful shelves, etc.

Please feel free to send in your pictures, flickr links, and blog address if you would like to participate.

If you would like to be a part – please feel free to contact me!

Writing to you from my little cottage tucked deep in the woods… beyond the stone wall… and just before the bend in the river. Thankfully my cottage doesn’t have glass walls 😉

Make a beautiful Fall Wreath Free by Using Natural Found Items

Nothing says welcome like a beautiful wreath!

hops wreath

Wreaths are beautiful anytime of year, but during the Autumn season, you can fill your wreath with anything found in nature for a wonderful look! You don’t have to spend any money, and using items found around your home & garden, you will have a gorgeous wreath in no time!

I like to start my wreaths out with a vine base. Simply take your pieces of vine, and start shaping them into the shape that you want. Any kind of vines can be used in wreath making. I’ve used both grape vines, and bittersweet vines to make my wreath bases. Using a vine base allows you to simply weave your decorating material into the wreath, intertwining the stems with the vines.

The items that you can use to decorate your wreath with are only limited to your imagination! Here are just a few ideas:

– twigs
– leaves
– acorns
– bittersweet berries
– milk pods
– feathers
– rusty tin wire or shapes (star, heart, pumpkin, crow)
– Indian corn
– small gourds
– dried hydrangeas or other flowers
– berry sprigs
– herbs from the garden
– dried grasses
– cinnamon sticks
– cat tails
– small succulents from the garden
– bird’s nests
– pine cones
– fungi (the kind you see growing on the side of a tree)

Here are some inspiration pictures to help you get started!

pine cone wreath 2

bird house wreath Fall wreath

door wreath

hydrangea wreath

red wreath colorful fall wreath

berry wreath succulent wreath

front door wreath

twig wreath cottage wreath