Creative Spaces – Nurturing Our Need to Create Pt 1

vintage printer box
Picture by Leesiebella – info below

When we were each created, I believe that God deposited a measure of creativity deep within us… which is now just waiting to be released to the world around us. You may have already experienced the joy that comes with sharing your creativity with others, or perhaps you’re still waiting to find out what your gift is. In any case… of one thing I am sure… I know it’s in there!

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, as well as many different expressions.

Maybe your gift will be shared through music, or song. Or perhaps you have been gifted with words, and can share poetry, notes of encouragement, or letters of love to lift the spirit of those you come in contact with. The most important thing is not what type of creativity you have been gifted with, but that you share your gifts & talents to help brighten the days of those around you!

Many people wait to create, because they don’t feel like they have the “right” kind of creative space in their home. There’s never really a “perfect” place to create. What you might consider your dream creative space, might not ever measure up to someone else’s expectations. So… we each have to determine what helps bring out the creativity inside of us, and try to surround ourselves with those things.

In my case… my creativity is usually best revealed through words & ideas. And, if truth be told, just a peek into quaint little homes, cottage gardens, and far away places, can put my thoughts in order, and my mind in the mood to write. How is this done? Through the little bits of captured time & place that we call… pictures.

It is for this reason, that I wanted to share a few of the special little creative nooks & crannies of my friends with you. My hope is, that these pictures might ignite the desire to finally prepare a special place in your home, that is set aside for creativity.

As you will see, it doesn’t matter how big your space is… or what you have to fill it up with. It only matters that you finally give yourself a little place to nurture the creativity inside of you!

** Most of the pictures below are best viewed in the larger size. To see the picture bigger, simply click on a picture, and click “all sizes” at the top of the picture itself. Then, choose the largest size… so you can view all of the sumptuous details!


dream banner

My friend Madai loves to create beautiful little treasures to fill a home with joy! She recently made me a beautiful banner made of individual letters that make up the word “Dream”… I love the way the glitter sparkles in the sunlight! When she gave me the choice of what word I would like, “Dream” was definitely the word that I wanted to hang above my creative space!

You can visit her blog here.

I love how she organizes her space using everyday objects! Madai has such a way of turning everyday object into beautiful displays.

You can see how Madai uses similar colors in her space, so that it remains something beautiful for her to look at while she creates.

decor in the home office

Notice the little muffin tin & glass baking dish, that are now put to work cooking up little treasures. I’m sure you have things like these stashed away in a kitchen cupboard πŸ˜‰

I love how she uses this branch to display pictures, banners, and other pretty things! This idea wouldn’t cost you anything!

decorate a tree in your office

Andrea Singarella

You’re going to love the way that Andrea organizes her creative space! I’m sure you’re going to want more from Andrea once you see her work, so stop by her little shop, and her blog to visit!

There are so many pretty things to look at, and ideas for your space… so be sure to study each picture to pull out ideas that you can apply to your space.

I just LOVE this little wire basket with its pink chippy paint! What a nice way to organize her ribbons.
vintage bike basket


Beth creates beautiful jewelry & art. Please take a moment to visit her blog – Beth Quinn Designs. I just love to see how people take every day ordinary things & turn them into something wonderful! Beth’s space is an inspiration!

Look how she uses a glass cake plate to display flowers that have yet to find their way into one of her creations.


I love the soothing color on the walls!

What a wonderful use for a vintage suitcase!

Similar to Madai’s inspiration board or decorative tree, wire forms can be a great place for displays.


Look at how Beth has taken everyday wooden clothespins (that you can pick up at your local discount store for a few dollars a pack), and turned them into little ladies clothed with silk ribbon… standing proud in this glass jar.


Tiffany has such a way of making everything look beautiful, and turning everyday ordinary things into objects of value. She doesn’t stop at just the objects that she creates, but the way she pulls together her space, is inspiration for us all.

YouÒ€ℒre going to love TiffanyÒ€ℒs website – Beyond the Vintage Path! Also – stop by her blog & share some comments!

What’s not to love about her use of this vintage standing printer’s box, that is now used as her place to organized all of her needfuls!

This ordinary cork board now becomes extraordinary in the hands of Tiffany. I think I could walk by this same space, and see something new each time πŸ˜‰

Another printer box gone chic! I LOVE this picture… and it has been a fav of mine since I first saw it!


Lori has a love for everything vintage, and she has such a wonderful way of taking little bits & bobs & bringing them together in a beautiful gathering… so that even her craft closet is a sight to behold!

You can see more of her ideas on her blog – Vintage Flair

I love how Lori has used a vintage clothes hamper to store & display rolls of vintage wallpaper.

It’s always good to have lots of shelf space. After all, you can fit so much into a tiny space! If you don’t have any shelves, don’t despair! Go to, or better yet… your local “freecycle” list & request one. Price? FREE!

Then, you simply give your new shelves a nice coat of paint to match your room, and away you go!

Vintage books are always a welcomed source of inspiration. I have found some wonderful vintage books at my local library books sales for pennies! One such find included a set of french poetry books with a nice deep red binding… oh how I love red!

Wire racks sold for other purposes such as storing vegetables, can now be considered for organizing items in your creative space. They have some nice wire hanging baskets in the discount stores that are meant for veggies or growing plants, that could be used in a beautiful display!



You’re going to love Sugar Sugar – Leesiebella’s blog! There are just so many pretty things to look at! Here’s a sneak peak at her talent!

Oh how I love this beautiful place to display items that would otherwise be considered a “work” space! Do you see how all of our friends have made their “work” a beautiful space… and a place where they WANT to be?


A rod that would otherwise be used as a place for curtains, paper towels, a quilt, or hand towels, has now become a wonderful ribbon dispenser.

I love the idea of using ordinary hang tags as a way to organize your ribbons & lace.

Leesiebella has taken the ordinary clothes pin a leap ahead by giving them each a coat of yummy color.

Who says you can’t paint your vintage muffin tins to match your decor πŸ˜‰


Some people love to go into stores filled with expensive large items, but I am happy as can be, while surrounded with tiny beautiful bits & bobs that fuel inspiration for my home. If you feel the same way as I do, take a minute to visit Heather’s store Pretty Petals – or visit her blog for even more inspiration!



Just look at all of this pretty eye candy!

Here’s a close up picture of how Heather organizes her vintage hats & milinary supplies

I hope you’ve enjoyed these wonderful places that our friends create! Be on the look out for part 2 in a few days, as there was simply not enough room for all of the juicy goodness that has been pulled together!

Now… go find yourself a small place in your home to turn into something wonderful in which you can release your creativity!

Creatively Yours πŸ™‚

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39 thoughts on “Creative Spaces – Nurturing Our Need to Create Pt 1”

  1. I think I’ve just died and gone to Crafters Heaven. I can’t begin to absorb the amazingly beautiful spaces of these creative women. I am leaving this page open all day so I can just stare at its beauty. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Oh my goodness! I am eye candy overload πŸ™‚

    I love seeing these studios. Open shelves where you can see what you’ve got to work with but oh so prettily displayed!

    I will be going over and over these pictures to try to catch every detail.

    Thanks so much πŸ™‚ Rosie

  3. OMGOODNESS!!! This is a post from heaven!!! I love seeing other’s workspaces! And of course these women have exquisite supplies. Thank you so much for posting such wonderful eye candy ~ makes me want to go organize and organize…xxoo, Dawn

    • Dawn ~

      Thank you & I’m so glad you enjoyed the segment! Be sure to keep your eyes out for part 2… lots more wonderful goodness to come!


  4. Oh goodness Pearl!!! What a visual Feast for the eyes!!! I’m going to visit everyones pics/blogs…etc. I need some visual inspiration, this ought to do it! All the pictures are just gorgeous!!!!
    A big thank you for using my pictures & your sweet comments! Big *Smile* on my face! Your so Sweet!!

  5. You’ve done it again!!! LOVE this post!! This is just incredible, you found some really beautiful creative spaces!! I gleaned so many ideas…I love re-decorating my space and this has definitely got my wheels turning, again :)))Thank you for adding my pic’s too! What an honor to be amongst such amazingly talented ladies, including you my dear Pearl, your storytelling talents always amazes me! & yes, I’m with ms Tiffany, you are so sweet!! Can’t wait to see the next segment!! Keep’em coming!!
    Thank you!!! ~ Madai

    • Madai ~

      Well… once you re-decorate, you be sure & let us know so we can all enjoy your ever amazing decorating beauty! Thank you for stopping by & your very kind words!


  6. I love all of the ways that everyone is orgainzed.I always fret because I feel like I do not have just the right space. But taking simple things like the tins or jars and such and using them is really creative. It saves space and money. We have been going to the local action once a month and it is amazing the stuff you can find. You can walk out with a whole box of stuff for $1 or so. Such as ribbon,metal wire and tins. Thanks for sharing this and everyones wonderful spaces.

  7. Suzanne ~

    I LOVE going to the different auctions! I love staying till the end & getting great $1 box bargins! I have a space that I am working on, and I’m looking forward to decorating it using all of my auction finds… including a huge vintage pine cupboard that I bought for $17 at auction (because I waited till the end of the auction & the antique piece was out in the garage πŸ˜‰


  8. Pearl, WOW!! what a great feature!!! there is nothing I love more than artfully arranged pretties. I thank you SO much for posting my little creative spaces… I am just thrilled to be among these beautiful women. What a great feature and I will often check back and read it again and agin.

    xoxo Heather

    • What a nice post at this blog… sharing my latest segment with her readers. She mentions the small space that she currently has to create in… here was my reply to her post:

      Thanks for sharing our new segment with your readers! And… I think your “creative space” is perfect! As long as you have some sort of place to nurture your creativity, it doesn’t matter how large or small it is.

      For example, my computer area is in my upstairs office. And instead of pretty things all around, my desk is directly in front of a window that faces north (so there’s no problems with the sun shining in my eyes).

      The wonderful thing though… is the view that inspires me while I write each day!

      Right outside my window, I can see;
      – our forest
      – old stone walls
      – mossy paths
      – the river
      – and LOTS of wildlife!

      I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to sit in front of my computer & see a red fox, pairs of ducks, flocks of geese, several squirrals, a giant red headed wood pecker, and and a ground hog walk by throughout the day… as I did just yesterday πŸ™‚

      The window might not be sufficient for some… but for me… it’s fuel for creative writing! So for now… your space is perfect πŸ˜‰


  9. Pearl , thanks so very much for featuring me among these other creative woman’s spaces !! so much inspiration here !!!
    love your blog !!

  10. Pearl-
    Thanks so mcuh for including my little craft closet on your segment. What a wonderful compliment. I am looking forward to seeing part 2.
    Thanks again, Lori

  11. Hi,
    I’m following your site from Turkiye.
    I love using colours in decorating and liked your colourful buttons very much.
    I’ve just started to prepare a blog site nowadays, maybe you would like to have a look.

    Love from Turkiye….

  12. This is my first time to this site. A friend forwarded it to me and I just love all the things that I have seen here. It’s a spot I will be visiting often. It already has my creative juices flowing. Thanks to all of you for the ideas seen here. Keep up the good work. I plan on passing this site on to another friend of mine.

  13. Pearl, once again you have put together a wonderful post! All of these women have such interesting places to create and their collections and displays of such are fun and wonderful – so pretty in each way!


  14. I just came over from Pretty Petals and I’m drooling here! Such a beautiful blog! This is a subject dear to my heart because I recently moved and lost my “creative room” but I’ve “made do” with my new space and couldn’t be happier! I’ll be back to read your entire blog!

  15. Oh my, I just went through all those wonderful photos. So beautiful.Thank you for sharing.I have been trying to change my background paper on my blog, do you have any tips? Thanks Laurie

  16. Such deliciously decadent eye candy and I loved every morsel!!
    These women’s spaces are amazing, almost as glorious as the art they create in them.
    Thank you for sharing these with all of us. So inspiring!


  17. These spaces put my little work room to shame πŸ™ But they sure are gorgeous. Great great post. Between browsing through A Story Book Life and Apartment Therapy, I don’t have any time to do any actual work at work.

    Keep up the gorgeous posts please!

  18. Oh my….I’m totally inspired! What wonderful, beautiful, creative spaces. I’m so jealous. My creative space looks nothing like the ones you have featured. I do believe I must get busy re-doing my space to reflect the beauty of your post today. Thank for sharing such wonderful spaces.

  19. Pretty, pretty, pretty! If only my husband would find another space — I could have the home office all to myself to pretty up!

    The storage ideas are wonderful. I never thought of painting a muffin tin.

  20. Pretty, pretty spaces! If only my husband would find another space, I could have the home office all to myself to pretty up.

    Some truly great storage ideas — painting muffins tins is a great idea!

  21. hi, everything looks absolutely beautiful.

    definetly my style. i love the shabby chic look, but i can’t afford any of it. i’m a stay at home mom and it would be impossible to buy. no offense, but i’m dirt poor. it’s impossible to work and my hubby can’t afford it either..any suggestions?



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