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Dickens Christmas Sleigh Bells Ring

Dickens Carolers

To help make your holiday a memorable one without the high expense, participate in local Christmas festivities! When we went to pick out our Christmas tree, we stopped down in the village to enjoy the Christmas celebration. There were carolers dressed in costume that looked like they stepped right out of a Dickens’ tale, horses with jingle bells around their necks giving sleigh rides around the village, and church bazaars and bake sales on every corner – filled to the brim with lots of goodies.

Look in your local paper (and online) to see what’s going on in your area.

Here’s an example of a Special Christmas Celebration that happens every weekend in a village near us. It’s called: Dickens’ Christmas in Skaneateles, NY

I’m sure that you will be able to find lots of great ways to celebrate with your family!

Here are some quick tips:


Have the kids make paper snowflakes, lay them on top of a chocolate cake, sprinkle with powdered sugar, carefully remove snowflakes. You now have a beautiful snowy scene! This is a very inexpensive way to decorate your holiday cake!


Make mittens out of fabric of choice & use in place of the usual Christmas stockings. You can make the mittens match your decorating style by choosing coordinating fabrics. I would use cream colored wool – lace – buttons & trims.


Did You Know…
Christmas didn’t become a Federal Holiday in America until June 26, 1870 – by President Ulysses S. Grant.


Organize your magazines by months, take out all of the Dec. issues & place them on a coffee table. You’ll love having so many Christmas ideas right at your fingertips!


Lots of great Christmas gift ideas – Cheap!


Did you know…
The Christmas tree industry employs over 100,000 people yearly between 21,000 different Christmas tree growers in the US?


Did You Know…
A snowflake can take up to 2 hours to reach the ground!


Christmas Decorating Idea…
Instead of using regular paper for your paper chain projects, why not use other materials such as; wallpaper scraps, decorative scrapbook paper, pieces of wrapping paper, or left over pieces of silk ribbon!


To add some glitter & sparkle to your decorations, spray paint different kinds of nuts with your choice of colors! Silver & gold make stunning displays!


Did You know…
The poinsettia is a plant that is native to Mexico. The plant got it’s name from Mexico’s first American ambassador, Joel Poinsett, who brought the plants back to America in 1828.

In the 18th century, Mexicans thought the beautiful red star shaped leaves were symbolic of the Star of Bethlehem. This helped the poinsettia to become a favorite traditional plant at Christmas.

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