Cottage Gardens and Roses

Three months later…

Cottage garden
From front to back: blue salvia, knockout roses, gaura/chiffon cloud

I wanted to share a pictorial update on one of the brand new cottage gardens, that we created this year.

This coming Spring, we will also add a front cottage courtyard, and a side garden filled with fruit trees and ornamental fragrant shrubs.

For this new cottage/rose garden, what I thought might take three years, has happened in only three months!

Here is the cottage garden just after we built the stacked stone walls & the cobblestone paths this June. It was quite a large task… but oh so worth it!

And as you know… I love to use creative ideas to achieve the look & feel that I want, but for much cheaper than what “normal” people might pay for the same thing! So as you can guess, almost every plant in our garden was purchased at a VERY nice discount price, or given to us by friends!

*** Also…be on the lookout for the next post, as I am excited to share my “top tips for getting your garden filled with plants for pennies on the dollar” with you! These are very easy things things that you can start doing right now to fill your garden with luscious beauty!

My Cottage Garden… at only 3 months old!

Cottage Garden
to the left: boxwood, wooly thyme, gaura/chiffon cloud, knockout roses

Cottage garden
left to right: boxwood, wooly thyme, knockout roses, gaura/chiffon cloud, foxgloves

Cottage garden
foxgloves, knockout roses

Cottage garden
knockout roses

Cottage garden
iris, knockout roses

Cottage garden
left to right: boxwood, White dwarf phlox, sedum, touran rockfoil saxifraga, knockout roses, iberis – tahoe, iris, ajuga

Cottage garden
lobelia, ajuga, armeria, sedum

Cottage garden
Knockout roses

Cottage garden
left to right: wooly thyme between rocks, boxwood, knockout roses, gaura, foxglove

Cottage garden
gaura surrounded by boxwood & pink knockout roses

Cottage garden
left to right: boxwood, gaura, foxglove, knockout carpet roses, dwarf phlox, iris, blue salvia

Cottage garden
lobelia backed up by armeria

Cottage garden
hardy hibiscus

Cottage garden

Cottage garden

Cottage garden

** Share your thoughts in the comment section below… I look forward to hearing from you!

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    20 thoughts on “Cottage Gardens and Roses”

    1. Absolutely gorgeous, and uplifting as I am looking out the window at about 18 inches of snow and more on the way in Wyoming.

    2. Pearl, Can you label each picture with information about the flowers. I know you are in a different zone but I would love to try to duplicate some of those combinations. The garden is exactly what a cottage garden should be! That’s not the pond you built is it? I think that was in the Queens’ Village.

      Loving your home. Keep the pictures coming.

    3. Wow! I can’t believe you created that cottage garden in one season. Amazing.

      It’s gorgeous! I am hoping you do post a follow up about doing this on a budget, too! I’d be sure interested in that, as I’ve got lots of border room for perennials, and just need the inspiration for next spring.

      Happy Thanksgiving,

    4. I have just discovered your blog tonight and I love it! Your path and stacked stone walls, with all the wonderful plantings – it is amazing! I’m in a different zone, Alabama, and will be taking inspiration from your cottage garden into my own Southern landscape. Thank you so much and I wish I had found this blog earlier!

    5. Just toodling around the internet and came across this blog. Such a beautiful garden!! It’s now the end of January 2010 and cold here in Denver, but I am inspired to get out in the garden soon after the last frost. Thanks for sharing!

    6. Absolutely beautiful website, well-thought out, as well as generous tips and sincere content. Will enjoy and share! Thank you… your photos are inspirational…

    7. just what a cottage garden should look like, absolutely beautiful! i am definately going to try to replicate some of your planting and hope it works out over here thank you!

    8. Letter from a reader:

      Since I live in the Desert and desperately wanted to cultivate a cottage garden I have tried and failed several times.

      One of the reasons is that the soil in my yard was very poor and not supporting plant life at least not the plant life I wanted.

      I rocked the front and back of my yard and it looks clean and inviting. Next I put in desert landscape and it to looks very beautiful.

      It requires very little water once established and it blooms beautifully as well. So I now have my cottage garden and it is looking fantastic!

    9. Very nice cottage garden! I read several articles, and enjoyed them, and the photos are wonderful. I think the author/administrator may have a future as a photographer as well as a blogger and garden enthusiast.

    10. I live in Florida, not quite the desert but it is mostly sand. I’d love to see a picture of your desert garden.

    11. I love to see beautiful and attractive flowers in the garden. Thanks for giving more tips to look your garden fill with many colorful flowers.

    12. I am so blessed to have found your websie! I am brand new at gardeng and also am planning a cottage type layout. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas, pics and expertise!

    13. What a Wonderful website! It’s like walking into a different time & place…Thank You for sharing your pictures, idea’s and thoughts….Very Beautiful and couldn’t of come at a better time….Empty Nesting….very much needed an Uplift….Thank You!

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