Canaries Add Beauty And Song to Your Home

canary cage
There’s nothing quite as relaxing, as being blessed with an early morning serenade of song, from the chorus line of finches outside of my bedroom window in early Spring.

It starts as soon as the snow starts to melt, and for some reason, they start warming up around 4am. Not that I’m always up at 4am, but occasionally, I roll over & become startled just enough to catch the beginnings of what promises to be a day filled with inspirational song.

I think you would love a canary of your own, who was always there to sing for you!

Having raised parrots & different types of birds for several years myself, I can speak first hand of the joys of having an avian friend in your home.

Not only are canaries easy to care for, but their beauty is unmatched, both in appearance & song! They come in all shades of white, brown, red, and of course yellow.

Each type of canary has it’s own unique singing style, so it would be best for you to listen to a few different types of birds sing, before you decide which one you would like to call your own.

Beautiful Cages

If you know me at all, you already know how much I love bird cages! There’s just something about them, that is so wonderfully heartwarming to me. I never seem to tire of seeing a beautiful cage. Perhaps it reminds me of the joys of raising birds that my family shared together. In any case, to me…nothing speaks “elegant” more than a beautiful bird cage in your home! And what better use of a beautiful cage, than to be a home for a beautiful singer!


You can find canaries for $35-$100. The price depends on the area in which you live, as well as the type of canary that you ultimately decide to purchase.

Having a singing canary in your home means… never again will you have to wait for spring to enjoy the joyful songs in your home!

I thought you might enjoy hearing a few different canaries perform. I’m sorry ahead of time, because I know you wont be able to resist after hearing them 😉


14 thoughts on “Canaries Add Beauty And Song to Your Home”

  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Not only is the song beautiful so are the birds. I love there color. What a treat to hear them.

  2. Lovely to see my original artwork “Cage” featured at the top of the post. As a bird artist I find endless inspiration in the various birdsong year round. I agree, my canary is a joy & serenades me daily. But the morning hello song is wonderful to wake up to. I also think it’s really comical to watch him take a bath, but that is a quieter time of day 🙂

  3. JoMo,

    Yes… I love your work! And… out of all of the canary “things” out on the web… I liked yours the best 😉 They are such lovely, cheerful little creatures, and I’m so glad that God has blessed us with them!

    Today… may your heart find cheer from sweet songs and… thank you for cheering us with your beautiful artwork!


  4. My younger sister had a canary when we were growing up. I missed the happy sounds of the bird when I grew up and moved out. Your article brought back happy memories.

  5. Awww… love the singing! I have a pair of finches who chirp all day long! My love for vintage bird cages is where it all began. Hope you stop by to see them and some things I’m selling a local French Flea Market.

  6. You have a beautiful blog which I found through a Google search for Victoria magazine blogs. I first found your post about Victoria magazine and found you were a fan of the original. I have recently started a blog called Remembering Victoria for those who loved the original Victoria and am asking for stories about why you loved the magazine, what made it special to you, etc. I would love to hear from you if you have a story you’d like to share.

    Christi from Charm & Grace

  7. Hi!- I really enjoy your blog- I have a singing Canary named “Happy” that sings so beautiful. When I played these tapes as I am reading on your blog- “Happy” heard it, and looked all around! He then promptly started singing into his little mirror!Lol–{he thinks that is the bird that is singing}.Our Canary is such a blessing to us- he sings as if from the Heavens!!-

    I collect Antique, Vintage & Decorative birdcages.I had a love for decorating with birdcages,way before I had Birds. I have a few pics of my Birdcages used decoratively,one we used in our other home as a “chandelier” above the dining table. I put Candles in a few also- and when I light them at night- the shadows they throw are so beautiful.Some have faux feather birds in too-The most recent cage I decorated, I arranged a row of “Society Finches”- glued them to the perch- I added a piece of old sheet music on the bottom and a few Ivy vines. Looks so real!–xo-Valery


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