How to Boil the Perfect Easter Egg

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Fill a pot with cold water, and carefully add eggs. Bring water to a rolling boil, then cover and turn off heat. Let the pot set for 15 minutes before removing the eggs. Pour out warm water and fill pot with cold water. When the eggs are cooled remove from water & store in the refrigerator.

Using this method, you will get perfect eggs every time! Fully cooked with pale yellow centers – not green, which can happen from over cooking. There is also no cracking, they are much easier to peel …not to mention this method also saves energy!


8 thoughts on “How to Boil the Perfect Easter Egg”

  1. I’ve used this method but I still have so much trouble peeling them (like for deviled eggs). Any suggestions.

  2. Kateri –

    Sometimes… the newer the egg, the harder they are to peel. I like to wait until the egss cool – then crack the egg under the water (kind of gently roll them against the bottom of the pan) – then let them sit for a few minutes before peeling. The water gets under the shells a bit & makes it MUCH easier to peel each egg.

  3. Thank you so much I will give that a try. I’m having my son’s BIG graduation party (High School) soon and one of the things he wants on the menu is deviled eggs!


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