Autumn Dressed In All It’s Beauty

Autumn is one of our favorite times of the year! Here in Upstate, NY, and in our little village… the colors, sights, and smells of the season are simply magnificent!
Autumn Door
My Autumn Entrance

Early this morning, while driving down into our little village, the mist was so thick, and the radiant beams of sunlight made everything look as if it were on fire. As I looked around… these thoughts came to me.

What beauty lies beneath the mist
What treasures to behold
And might I ask what you’re hiding there
Under resplendent rays of red & gold
But soon enough the mist will rise
And there for all to share
The wonderful form & fashion of nature uncovered
As it now lay open, uncovered, and bare

I’m not sure about how the season is going in your area, but here, we have had unseasonably warm weather, lots of sunshine, and many of the leaves are still on the trees! Because our leaves are almost always on the ground by the 2nd-3rd week of Oct., you can imagine how thankful I am for this wonderful blessing!

I wanted to take you on a little journey with me, so you could see the village through my eyes today.

We’ll start with my front door…

Autumn Entrance
I’m so thankful for my husband’s help with pulling our new entrance together! I just love it 🙂

I wanted to do something different this year to celebrate my new front entrance being done, so I decided to throw together some of my favorite Autumn things & make a display. I just love all of these Fall colors together!
Autumn Door

Autumn Arrangement

More ornamental cabbages close up – I just LOVE these!
Ornamental Cabbage

With this only being the first year for our new “upper garden”, I think it has filled in nicely! I’m looking forward to seeing the chartreuse sedum & the chocolate leaves of the ajuga, against the deep blue ajuga flowers spikes in the Spring.
Garden Walk

All of the different ground covers are filling in the front walk nicely.
Stone Steps

This is our crab apple’s first year with us, and look at the beautiful little fruit!
Crab Apples

Little Crab Apples

A Walk through Forest Park – Our wonderful forest located in the heart of our little village, available for all to enjoy!

Sunlight Through The Mist

Moss Hill
Moss Hill

Spider Webs

Forest Mushrooms
Forest Mushrooms

Lady of The Forest
Lady of the forest

He wasn’t home when I stopped by
Forest Home

Around the Village

Life begins again…
Milk Pod - Life Begins Again

Fall berries
Beautiful Red Berries

On the farm
Autumn Beauty

Golden Splendor
Autumn Splendor

Red Beauty!
Burning Bush

And back into the village – We’re greeted with this amazing hedgerow of fiery red burning bushes
Autumn Beauty - Village

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little ride together! Be sure to leave a comment & tell me about how your season is going so far below!

** I have been working on several projects & I will be sharing pictures & how to’s really soon!

Creatively Yours,

A Drive Through the Country

Beautiful view!

Yesterday I shared the view from my upstairs home office window, but today I thought I’d take you on a little trip around the country roads that surround our village (she’s called the “Queen Village”, because she is said to be fit for a queen!). We’ve had such wonderful weather, but today the news says that there will be rain around mid-morning. So, my romantic sweetie, decided to take me for a ride through the country, so we could try to capture the view before the rain drops started. We’ve had such a dry summer, and we really need the rain, but… with the leaves being extra beautiful this year, I didn’t want to miss my chance… just in case the rain decides to wash many of the beautiful leaves away. Even though it is a bit overcast, I still think you’ll enjoy the drive.

* The picture above is the view from a high hill right outside of the village. This view has always reminded me of the story of “Heidi”, living a quiet country life making her butter & cheese up in the mountains with her grandfather, while the folks in the village below bustled about with their daily city life. The village is down below, but just over the hill, tucked into the forest… is our cottage.

Each picture can be clicked – then choose “all sizes” at the top of the picture to see a bigger view

Vintage Barn
I love this old barn! It is such a big barn, that the owners have to work on it a little at a time.

Barn Windows
Here’s a picture looking at the front of the barn.

A country church in Autumn
This is a church that sits high upon one of the highest hills in the area. I love the deep red trees against the white plaster.

Panther Lake in Autumn
This is Panther Lake – only a few miles from my house.

Red Barn - The farm in color
Here’s another beautiful red barn, that sits on a little horse farm. You can only see the top from here, but they also have a windmill and several other small buildings.

Stone wall frames the view
This is the view from another high hill surrounding the village. I love to come here & look at the village below. I thought this picture was especially lovely, with the old stone wall framing the view. We have stone walls everywhere here! As the tale goes… the village was built on stone. And I’ll tell you, that I for one believe every word of it (especially when trying to dig in the garden – but that’s such a small price to pay for the beauty of stone walls at every turn!)

Stone Bridge
Case in point… here’s an old farm bridge made of field stone. This is the stuff that dreams are made of… my dreams anyway 😉

Fall Color!
I just had to show you the color from this stand of maple trees… don’t you love that chocolate & deep red!

Windmill on a fall day
Here’s another one of the beautiful windmills that we saw today! I love the red & white colors – especially with the reds & oranges on the trees in the background!

As we turned around the bend, almost to our country lane, we saw that the local Amish ladies were selling their farm goods at their stand in front of a local store on Main St. I would love to have been able to share that scene with you, but the Amish do not wish to have their pictures taken. Last year, we had 5 families move into our area, and now, several times a week, we see them in the village sharing their fresh goods with the community (and we are happy to support local farmers – especially where pies are concerned 😉 We were excited to hear that even more families will be moving here soon!

Country Road Take me Home

We got done just in time!

From what I hear… “the sun will come out tomorrow”

But until then…

Country Road Take me Home

Peek Through my Window

Office View - Beautiful Fall Leaves!

I don’t know how it is in your bit of the world, but in our little forest & surrounding village, the landscape is starting to become radiant with color. It’s almost as if a painter is standing above us, and with quick strokes of his brush, he’s changing everything around us into large swatches of deep reds, chocolate browns, and bright oranges!

Today, as I was “working” at my desk, I became captivated by the color I gazed out of my window! I’ve been watching the trees, and they have been subtly changing as we dive deeper in the Autumn season, but today, they are suddenly bursting with extreme color!

I am so thankful that I am able to be surrounded with such abundant beauty. But, I have to admit, sometimes I do become distracted by the view (I can’t seem to help it 😉

River in fall
Click for a better view of the river

Just today I have witnessed…

– A mother deer & her two babies wandering around the forest, and grazing down by the river.

– Several wood peckers dancing up and down the trunks of the tall trees.

– Little creatures such as chipmunks and squirrels, carrying their treasures back to be tucked away in some secret nook or cranny, that has now become their winter pantry.

– And a flock of geese flying so close to my window, that I could actually see what each one looked like.

Our days pass by so fast…

How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog it’s here a little while, then it’s gone. James 4:14

So lets enjoy each day to the fullest!

Now, back to work 😉