Who Says You Can’t Play With Your Food!

Kids inside with nothing to do? Why not make up a quick batch of play dough? You probably already have the ingredients on hand. It’s easy, contains no harmful ingredients, and if they decide to lick their fingers while they play, well, you don’t have to worry about that one 🙂

2C dry milk
2C creamy peanut butter
3Tbs honey

Mix together to make a play dough consistency. Add dry milk as needed. It might be good to bring out this recipe right before lunchtime. The smell of this dough is bound to make them hungry enough to eat their lunch like good little artists 🙂

Pictured: Here is a whimsical snowman from my collection. We’ve gotten so much snow over the past few days (approx. 18 inches), that I thought I’d share some snow with you today 🙂