Pink Mist – Inspiration for Your Home & Garden

Pink Mist Inspiration

I love to look at pictures that seem to sweep me away into a different time & place. There’s just something about our imagination that fuels even greater creativity when it comes to decorating our homes & gardens.

I hope these “Featured Home & Garden Pictures” provide fuel for your creative ideas!

Enjoy & have a wonderful day!


11 thoughts on “Pink Mist – Inspiration for Your Home & Garden”

  1. These photos want to make me start writing my next novel! Captivating!

    Wonderful site, Pearl! I love it all. I had know idea you had such a knack for this sort of thing…

    One word: marvelous!

    All my best,


  2. In my camera club, a few years ago our shooting subject for the month was “pink”
    wish I had some of these to add to our collection! just beautiful and spring is on it’s way here in PA!


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