Cactus – Pink Flowers of the Thanksgiving Cactus

cactus - pink flowers

Pink Flowers to brighten your day!

When all the leaves have fallen, and you know that snow is around the corner, there’s nothing better than beautiful blooms to give you a quick pick-me-up!

I have several different cactus (or cacti) around my home, and even though most of the year they just sit there with their normal looking green leaves, there are those special times when they put on their best & give us a spectacular show that lasts for several weeks!

Here is a picture of one of the flowers from a Thanksgiving cactus that sits on my kitchen window sill.

It still amazes me to know that these little “plain jane” house plants have this big beautiful show inside – just waiting to burst forth at just the right time 🙂

This reminds me of many people that I know. So many are full of so much potential, but need the right conditions before they can release the best that’s still waiting on the inside to come out. This plant will only bloom under particular conditions;
* Sunshine – I think this represents the joy in your life, are you lacking this essential element? When was the last time that you felt joy – just by the fact that you have been given another day to live?
* Water – Water represents life – refreshment for our soul
* Food – Just the right kind & not to much or the plant will die – what are you feeding yourself? What are you allowing to “fill” your time, thoughts, and energy?

Maybe today you could take moment to evaluate what you allow to fill your life, maybe you need some different conditions, so that you can burst forth into beauty, not only for yourself, but for all of those around you to enjoy!

I have 3 different colors of Thanksgiving cactus sitting on my window sill. Here you can see the pink flowers, as well as the yellow flowers of the cactus.


2 thoughts on “Cactus – Pink Flowers of the Thanksgiving Cactus”

  1. May I ask how do you get them to flower? I have a cactus, not sure if it’s a christmas or Thanksgiving cactus but it has never bloomed. It belonged to my husbands mother and I received it when she passed.What am I doing wrong?
    Also how would I go about seperating it? Its kinda big and someone said it may be too crowded in the pot it is in.
    Thank you

  2. I’ve always heard that it takes a length of darkness to make them bloom. As the days grow shorter the plants receive less light so they bloom around Thanksgiving or Christmas.

    I’ve never separated mine though. When a piece breaks off they are very easy to root.


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