Don’t be Sad That Christmas is Over, Decorate For Winter!

fabric birds

With Christmas now behind us, most of us will spend the next week packing up all of the beautiful bits & bobbles that have dressed our home for the past several weeks. And although it’s kind of sad to see all of our little Christmas treasures get tucked away for another year, it’s also sort of nice to have our home “freshened up” for the new year. Even so… there is still a bit of an empty feeling, when we think about having to wait another full year to display those treasures again.

Here’s a great idea to help you prevent that “empty feeling” around your home, and to help you to look forward to each new season/holiday throughout the year.

Why not keep a few of your things out & “re-purpose” them to match each new season/holiday?

For example…

I love my grapevine wreaths! So, instead of putting them away because Christmas is over, why not take the Christmas decorations off of the wreath & put some other sort of decorations on it for the rest of winter? Or, you could keep everything off for a natural look.

This year, my husband bought me a little tree for Christmas. It fits on my kitchen counter just perfectly! Instead of putting it away, I am going to dress it with items that say “winter” – instead of “Christmas”. With simple decorations from your favorite home decor store or mail order company such as LTD Commodities, you could change your decor over to “winter” in just a few minutes!

Here are some different things that say “winter” (not just “Christmas”), so instead of packing them away, you can keep them out all winter long.


We get to enjoy feeding our feathered friends during the cold winter months, so how about using little birds made from pretty paper or felt (like the ones above)? Using some scrapbook paper, you could make up beautiful little birds to match any style or color. Then use them to hang on a tree, wreath, light fixture, or across your curtain rod.

birds and snowflakes

winter bird

black birds and snow

Ice Skates

ice skates

paper skates

Snow-people can live in your decor all winter! 🙂


snowman in winter



mittens red and white



pink snowflake



berry wreath


winter tree

candle and greens

button wreath and greens


Also, if you’re having a difficult time deciding which colors to use, so your home says “winter” instead of “left over Christmas”, you can’t go wrong with white, silver, light blue, and green!

winter colors



27 thoughts on “Don’t be Sad That Christmas is Over, Decorate For Winter!”

  1. I love it! It reminds me a lot of SouleMama’s nature table, in that you two are honoring and celebrating each of our seasons in turn, but I like the idea of festive, not just natural, decorations. I already have awesome inspiration involving my little girls’ handprints, scrapbook paper, and mittens!

  2. Love your idea of a winter tree. I am in the midst of doing the same. Most of the decorations on my tree are my Snowbabies and I am thinking they can stay up till Easter?!

  3. Great ideas to rejuvenate the home for winter…a season we often only associate with Christmas…as far as decorating is concerned. I can’t wait to incorporate some of your ideas into my home. Thanks

  4. I love your ideas and the beauty you bring for the winter ahead! I always want to replace my pretty Christmas decorations with other beautiful decor! I would love to make some pretty birds like yours in the first photo!

  5. I love that you wrote about this. I always leave all my snowmen and snow-related decorations, evergreens, pinecones etc. up until it’s time to “do” spring. It keeps the house from looking too blah after Christmas is over and I love to look at it all winter long.

  6. I see my mantel there (reds). Thank you for sharing. Wouldn’t you know I packed the mercury glass away and the regretted doing so! I did leave the red wreath and berries out. I also had some new red bowls with snowflakes that I left out in my kitchen. I really enjoyed seeing all the ideas you put together. Great post and ideas!


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