Creative Eye Candy to Inspire You From Michal Negrin

Today I’ve decided to pass along some luscious bits of eye candy to spark some fresh ideas for creating newly decorated spaces your home.

Sorry guys, but I’m afraid that this post is going to be mostly pulling the heart strings of the gals 😉

Sarah, a friend of mine, recently sent me a link to a store that she had found while on vacation with her family. She let me know ahead of time, that the prices cater to the high end customer… and she was VERY right in her perception 😉 But… being the creative souls that we are, I know that all we have to do is, take a peek into the home of Michal Negrin to gain a fresh excitement for pulling our bits & bobs together in beautifully creative ways!

The store is called Michal Negrin

Please do yourself a favor & at least window shop around the store, because you’ll come away with such a warm feeling of femininity & romance 😉 It’s no wonder as Michal takes great joy in helping women feel & reflect romance, femininity, love and style, which is something we can all appreciate!

I suggest watching the video a couple of times! Then, as you look around the inside of this home, look at the rooms as a whole, as well as the individual pieces that pull the look together.

Then you will be able to look through your stash of items that you use to decorate with, and pull together a look uniquely yours! You will also know what types of things to keep your eyes open for at the yard sales, junk sales, thrift shops, and other places of inexpensive finds that you frequent.

Let me know what kinds of ideas that you came up with in the comment section below!


Check out her fashions – an absolute FEAST for the eyes!

Here’s a little animated video showing how we can turn our world (our home) into what we would like for it be!


6 thoughts on “Creative Eye Candy to Inspire You From Michal Negrin”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! She is amazing. All the colors, textures and Victorian accents blend so well together. I am now a fan! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ohhhh, Pearl that was so much fun!! I had never heard of this store!! So feminine and pretty!! Really enjoyed the videos, so many pretties in all of them! Great find, thanks for sharing!!
    ~ Madai

    • Madai ~

      I knew that you would probably love it 😉 I had never heard of this brand either, but I’m glad Sarah sent me the link! So many beautiful things to fuel the Storybook imagination!


  3. wow – how absolutely wonderful. In the clothing blips at the beginning screen – I fell in love with a lace embellished jacket and since i am crocheting lace right now – that is how I shall use my inspiration – the tapestry tp holder was quite wonderful as well. Tons of tapestry at my house – but I think mine will be a magazine rack.


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