Decorating Pumpkins Without Carving – Making Beautiful Harvest Displays

Decorating Pumpkins Without Carving

vintage carriage deocrated for fall
Picture by Joy – stop by her Flickr page!

Today I wanted to share some more ideas for using pumpkins to decorate your home & garden without having to carve them.

There are so many ways that you could choose to decorate your home for the season. For some reason, when it comes to fall decorating, many people think about the “dreaded” carving day, when they will have to display their talents (or possible lack thereof) for the whole neighborhood to see. Thankfully, there are many beautiful options available to you, where you will never even have to take out that knife 😉

Look at the beautiful displays that some of my creative friends have put together!

From (Joy), the same gal who shared the above picture. I love how her friend has used so many different fall items such as; pumpkins, guards, bittersweet vine, colorful leaves and sunflowers, to fill this vintage baby carriage. This display is so “storybook dreamy”!

fall decorated baby carriage

By pulling together some of your favorite bits of Autumn, you can make your home & garden the talk of the town! The best part? Most of these items can be found free by using things from your garden, and your decorating closet.

Here are some items that you could add to your fall display

  • Indian corn
  • leaves
  • bird houses & cages
  • clay flower pots
  • dried flowers
  • wreaths
  • watering cans
  • baskets
  • garlands
  • mums & other fall flowers
  • pumpkins, gourds & other squash
  • rusty things (don’t you just love rusty things 😉
  • branches, twigs, and vines such as grapevines & bittersweet
  • acorns, pinecones, moss, seedpods, and other dried bits from the woods

  • front porch autumn

    fall decor

    fall decorating

    porch pumpkins

    fall wreath

    A simple scattering of pumpkins & goards here and there makes everything feel so festive!

    yellow pumpkins

    decorate with pumpkins

    cat and pumpkin

    cottage garden pumpkin

    fall pumpkins

    The newer white pumpkins that are showing up at farm stands around the countryside are simply stunning! They are great for decorating with, because the eggshell color goes with just about anything… even this cute little doggie 😉

    white pumpkin

    How about a pretty ribbon around the stem of the pumpkin to make is even more dazzling!

    white pumpkin

    And… I think these girls are enjoying the newer white pumpkins as much as I am 😉

    chickens with white pumpkin


    12 thoughts on “Decorating Pumpkins Without Carving – Making Beautiful Harvest Displays”

    1. You’ve got some awesome ideas! I love Indian Corn. Have you heard of Strawberry Indian Corn? It’s very cute raspberry colored chubby corn. I also love the photo of the Terrier. My dog matches my home’s color scheme too!

      • Thanks! I really love Indian corn… and recently found another great way to decorate with it – other than just hanging it up (which is also very lovely 🙂 I’m going to share it here with everyone very soon.


    2. I love that you not only showed some BEAUTIFUL, inspiring pictures, but you also listed some elements to include. A lot of times when we try to incorporate an idea in our own homes it just doesn’t quite work. Usually because we remember the big elements but forgot the little things that pull it all together.

    3. What wonderful ideas! I love to decorate and your blog is inspiring me to do MORE! I would like to link your blog to mine! Hope that’s OK!

    4. hi Pearl,
      I have a question, I keep looking at the cat in your wonderful pics & cat’s & cottages go hand & hand BUT…. I’m so afraid to get one because I have so many little decorations and I dont want the cat to climb on everything & destroy them. Does that happen to you?? My sister has a cat & it climbs everywhere & on everything. Any advice? Thanks,


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