How to Market Your Hand Crafted Cards and Stationary

Have a product or idea that you want to market? Maybe the ideas I gave this reader will help get you started as well!

I hope you enjoy the pictures of the beautiful cards made by some of my friends! Just click on the pictures to see more of their work.

home made card   white and pink birthday card

Dear Pearl,
I was someone who listened to you regularly in Baltimore on WBAL’s morning show. I enjoy your ideas and info. I was curious if you know of any way to “market” home made stationery? I am an avid rubber stamp fanatic, and enjoy making cards and gifts for family and friends. People have suggested that I sell what I’m making. Any ideas?
Thanks! Teri Chason

Dear Teri,

Here are a few ideas that you can start using right away!

  • How about selling wholesale or by consignment to local card shops, book stores, and specialty shops like bible book stores? You would sell the cards to them at a discount, or in the case of consignments, you would give them a % of the sale – after it’s made.

  • There are MANY home party companies out there like Avon, Watkins, Tupperware, Pampered chefs, etc. You could sell to the demonstrators & they could make some extra money by showing them at their parties. They could also be used as party gifts, and because you would have your contact info on the packaging, party goers would know how to get in touch with you to order more cards.

  • love cards  reminder card

  • Have your own home parties to showcase your products. You could also display other complimenting products from other people & earn a % of those sales.

  • Make up several beautiful 3 ring binders with each page displaying your goods. Send them to work, with friends, ladies groups etc. Have an order page in each binder. You could give gifts to the order takers for doing you the favor!

  • Keep your eye on the newspaper. Whenever you see an engagement, baby birth, or graduation announcement, send them a sample card and a cover letter explaining the service that you can offer them. For example… when someone has a new baby, they want to send out little announcement cards showing off their new little bundle of joy. Why not send them a sample “custom” birth announcement, and an order sheet?

  • Go visit florists and other delivery services. Show them your products and offer to provide them with custom note cards for their deliveries. Now, when a person wants to deliver a special bouquet, pot of flowers, or bunch of balloons, they can also choose to make the presentation even more personal by adding a special note card – instead of the same old same old little mass produced note cards.

  • Place an add in the paper saying you will provide cards & invitations for Christmas, weddings, other large parties or occasions. Not only could you craft the cards to their taste, but you could also offer an addressing & mailing service for them as well. Then, all they would have to do is supply you with the mailing list! You would not only be providing someone with beautiful unique invitations/cards, but saving them time!

  • Provide a Christmas list service to large companies and corporations. They will be happy to have beautiful cards, and the personal touch that comes from the service that you offer!

  • crown card card with roses

  • Sell your products online at places like, which is exclusively for handcrafted items. You could also check out places like eBay store, Amazon, and Craigslist.

  • To get lots of exposure online, place ads in e-zines, newsletters, and websites that target your particular audience. Many sites (such as ours) have their own mailing lists that they use to share helpful information with their readers, and some of them also accept ads. If they don’t accept ads, offer to write a helpful article for their publication that they can use in their next issue. At the bottom of the article, be sure to include your contact information & website address.

  • fairy card christmas tree card

  • Be sure to always put your company name, contact info, and website if available, on the back of each card, so those who receive your cards can then order their own unique creations from you.

  • These are just a few ideas to get you started!

    Pearl Sanborn

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