Homemade Christmas Ornaments – Yummy Prim Gumdrops


Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Here is a great little project from Ewenique Treasures

I love how she made these yummy little prim ornaments using only a few supplies… that you may already have around the house!

Here’s how she made these beautiful little gumdrop Christmas ornaments:

  • To give the gumdrop shape, cut the bottoms off of a 2 1/2 inch Styrofoam ball
  • Using her fingers, she molded them into more of a gumdrop shape
  • Inserted a bit of rusty wire in each top with a drop of glue
  • Paint with different yummy gumdrop colors
  • While the paint is still wet, roll in clear glitter

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    11 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas Ornaments – Yummy Prim Gumdrops”

    1. They look nice but I can’t imagine them staying long with my two children. They can smell sweet everywhere so putting them on Christmas tree isn’t a challenge for them.

    2. Very creative and lots of fun. Good to eat too.

      Those green, red and white candy canes that you can find in a dollar store make great colorful Christmas ornaments too if the kids don’t eat them all up.

      You can make your own old fashioned dough ornaments and pop corn chains. Kids have a lot of fun with these around the holidays.

      Joan M


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