We’re Giving Away a $100 Shopping Spree – Do You Want It?

MicasaStyle-LogoOver the next 6 weeks, we will be hosting a contest sponsored by Micasastyle.com, in which we will give away a gift certificate for a $100 shopping spree from your choice of these stores:

  • Pottery Barn
  • Target
  • Crate & Barrel
  • JC Penney
  • Sears
  • Home Depot

  • We love your style & want you to share it with the world! We want to see pictures of your home dressed up for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Then, the best themed room will then be chosen & awarded the $100 gift certificate.

    The contest is only for “A Storybook Life” readers – and friends of the blog who would like to help promote it. And…the more pictures & rooms posted, the more creative style for us all to enjoy!

    All you have to do is –

    #1 – Go to www.micasastyle.com and click “Add a Space”
    (They have a tagging feature so remember to tag a few things in your room!)

    #2 – Add the pictures of your room (Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas)

    #3 – Come back to this post & leave a comment with the url (web address) or name of your room and username – this is how we will know you are participating in the contest.

    For example: My country cottage living room was featured recently. The room name that I gave it was: French Country Cottage Living Room, and my user name is aStorybookLife

    #4 – You may enter as many times as you want, as long as each entry is a different space. Just follow steps 1-3 for each one.

    #5 – The pictures don’t have to be new – they can be ones that you’ve already taken (as was mine). So think of last year’s fall or Christmas for example.

    On December 17th we will name the winner, so try to have your pictures in by the 16th.

    Please tell your friends & family about the event, so they will have a chance to win, and so that we can enjoy their decorating talents 🙂

    ** Remember… the only people who are participating in this contest are the ones who post a comment here, not all of the other rooms already posted at MicasaStyle.com. You have a great chance to win, and it only takes a few minutes to share a few pictures… so why not get started now!

    … do I hear more decorating $$ coming your way 😉


    12 thoughts on “We’re Giving Away a $100 Shopping Spree – Do You Want It?”

      • The contest will be completed within 6 weeks (over by Dec 17th)… but I would get your in as soon as possible… because people will be coming here to look at the post & I want as many people as possible to see your pictures! 🙂


    1. Hoping to post pics in the next 2 weeks or so {my house is still cluttered getting ready for my Holiday Open House Sale!}….pics would not be good as of yet 🙂
      Thanks Pearl for the info!


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