Build Your Own Vintage Style Storage Cubby

My husband likes to take me on little dates. Sometimes we’ll go for a ride around the countryside, or maybe we’ll share a meal together. Many times, he’ll choose the Cracker Barrel for breakfast, both because we love the food, and because he knows how much I love to peek around in the gift shop. He’s such a sweetie 😉 I can honestly say, that each time I walk into the gift shop, my eyes are immediately drawn to the tables, cubbies, and other display pieces!

I don’t know how many times I have walked into an antique shop or home decorating store, and fell more in love with the display pieces than the items that are actually for sale!

While the sweet little sales lady at the Cracker Barrel shares the discounts of the day with me, I simply smile while thinking… but I want the display unit! I remember actually asking one little lady about a particular display unit, only to have her say… honey, that would probably cost you an arm and your leg! And she was right (mostly anyway 😉

I recently came across some really cute display pieces in a well known catalog, and as my little sales lady predicted, the prices were meant for the wives of Kings (not that I don’t think of my sweetie as a King mind you 😉

I don’t know what it is about me… maybe it’s the creative thought process that my mind goes through… or maybe it’s just the “I know we could make that” syndrome… but whatever the reason, my brain kicked in gear!

I wanted to find a nice storage unit that could be used for multiple purposes such as the – kitchen, entry, hallway, or garden house. My hunt was a great success, because today I found this great project for a “chicken coop style” storage unit over at Sunset’s Fresh Dirt Blog.

If you’re style of decorating is…

– Country Farmhouse
– Cozy Cottage
– English Cottage
– Shabby Chic
– Primitive

Well, I should have just said ANY style, you will love this project!

Download The Project

Here’s another version from Lowe’s

As you can see from the picture above, Nina decided to leave the plain wood finish on her cubby, but I can see mine being painted with a nice thick coat of “chippy style” crackled paint!

There are so many color combinations to choose from! How about… cream & black, mustard & red, taupe & light blue… see what happens when I start thinking!

And you won’t believe how much stuff this type of unit can hold! I have a friend who keeps her’s right inside the front door. Then, when the daycare children come in, they put their shoes, hat, gloves, lunches, school papers, etc., in their own cubby!

Think about all of the different things you could fill your new cubby with…

– crafts
– videos & CDs
– books & magazines
– Plants, pots, and garden tools
– a pantry
– all of your quilts & other linens
– dishes & kitchen display
– scrapbooking supplies

I know you will enjoy this special piece!

* Share your special storage pictures with us in the comment section!



17 thoughts on “Build Your Own Vintage Style Storage Cubby”

  1. I know just what you mean! Many times I go in stores or antique malls and ask, “But how much is that?”, only to be told, “Oh, that’s just for display.” So I’m glad someone properly addressed this!

  2. you crack me up Pearl! I’ve had the same thing happen to me 🙂 ~ my hubby is a “king” too but not too handy with the tools so alas, no cubbies for me… I’m think I need to take a carpentry class if I’m ever going to have those adorable bookcases/cubbies I love but that are beyond the budget 🙂 ~ thanks for the lovely post dear 🙂

  3. Wow! I just subscribed to this blog a few minutes ago and I am impressed. My dh is handy with tools, so I want hime to see the picture of this cubbie. It would make a great space for painting and scrapbooking supplies. Thanks for letting me join.

  4. I do have a handy husband that could make one of those and I love the style of them. He’s made me various cabinets through the years to hide sound equipment (a dry sink), TVs (a very nice armoire), cookbooks (a “jelly” cabinet), my chickens on nests collection (a chicken coop style cabinet). He’s just pretty handY!

  5. I’ve been wanting one of these….and didn’t know it! Thank you for the instructions for the project. It just made my “king’s” to do list!

  6. My favorite place to eat (when I have extra time) is a little antique shop/gift shop/cafe. Everything is pricey but what fun to wander while they make me a sandwich on home made bread with melon and herbed potato salad.

  7. I just stumbled onto your blog by way of Daisy Cottage. What fun! What a fabulous photo, I agree. I’m always looking at the shelves and display tables in the booths, and they’re always marked “not for sale.”

  8. I love the cubby. I am the same when it comes to displays. I just love them more than the merchandise! I’ve hit pay dirt a couple of times and been able to purchase them, but your cubby is just divine. What a creative way to organize and store! Love it!


  9. Wow, what a great storage unit. Thanks for sharing this wonderfully delightful project. Do you think I can get dear sweet hubby to consider building it for me? I hope so, it’s fantastic.

  10. No story – I just WANT one.. actually I need it as I have too many precious pieces that gets destroyed by bumps (kids,hubby) in the night.. in the day.. and any time in between! LOL

    I think I will try to make one myself.. it’s a feat.. but I think I can handle it.. LOL

    ang aka njtomboy

  11. whoah this blog is fantastic i love reading your articles. Keep up the good work! You know, a lot of people are hunting around for this information, you can help them greatly.


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