Add Life and Beauty to Your Home by Decorating With Birdcages

pink birdcage

Today the weather doesn’t want to make up it’s mind! First freezing cold, then snow, then sleet, then rain, then snow… then we start all over again! Needless to say, the kids were excited about their second snow day of the year!

This time of year seems to get a bit gloomy for some people, because the holidays are over, and now we are waiting for some “signs” of Spring… which won’t reach us for another 2+ months 😉

But… with the blessing of the Internet, we are able to travel past our doors & share so many wonderful pictures, ideas, stories, and far away places… without ever leaving our chair!


I thought I would share some “eye candy” with you today, to help get your decorating ideas flowing!

There’s something very romantic about birds, their houses, nests, and cages. I’m not sure what the lure is for me, but I have always found them so very beautiful and intriguing.

Maybe it all started with a school field trip?

As a very small child, I remember visiting the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC for a school field trip. While there, we were able to walk into the nature section, where we were amazed by the miniature birds that were not much bigger than a quarter! I’ve always remembered how fascinated I was that day with God’s beautiful creation (of course… He never ceases to amaze me ;)!

Not long after that… I remember standing in my grandfather’s garden in TN, and being startled by what I thought was a bee flying by my head, only to find out that it was indeed one of those beautiful little birds trying to get to the flowers that were teasing him from the shrub behind me! Oh how I wanted to pick him up & put him in my pocket 🙂

Then, there was my great grandmother’s farm in Md…
When you live on a farm, birds become a part of everyday life! There were always little birds flying in and out of the barns, and eating the insects around the gardens and the orchard. This meant lots of little nests in the trees, as well as the occasional baby bird who needed helpful attention. I was very happy when grandma would ask for my help!

My husband & I have always had some sort of birdie friend sharing our home (whether inside or nesting in our eaves ;), and for many years we even raised different kinds of parrots – which we really enjoyed.

But… you don’t actually have to have birds living in your home to enjoy their beauty! You can decorate your home with bird houses, decorative bird nests, pictures of birds, or perhaps a collection of vintage bird cages.

Bird cages, for example, can be found very inexpensively at auctions, yard sales, thrift stores, and even in garbage piles along side of the road! You see, most people look at an empty bird cage as something you would buy to house a new pet. And if they are not in the mood for a new pet, they simply don’t see the value in having it! This idea works to your advantage, because these cages, that are mostly unfit for a real bird anyway, would be beautiful additions to your home decor!

It doesn’t matter if the cage is in great shape or not, as a matter of fact, a little rust will help give it that vintage appeal! You can fill the cage with anything your heart desires. Also… don’t forget about outside of the cage!

Why not try some of these items to Here are some different ideas for items that you can use to decorate your birdcage;

– candles
– your favorite collection
– clay flower pots, pretty flowers, plants, or green vines
– pictures in pretty frames or placed between the wires
– a lace doily, ribbons, and bows for a shabby chic look
– a stack of pretty books
– hang bits of pearls, crystals, broaches, or other jewelry from the wires
– tea cups & pretty plates
– dolls, teddy bears, or other vintage toys
– a nest with eggs
– a little birdie from the craft store
– white lights
– items for the holidays such as Christmas ornaments, glittery hearts, or flags

Here are some pictures of how other people have decorated their beautiful birdcages to help get the ideas rolling.

lights in cage

crafted vintage birdcage

birdcages in living room

shabby chic birdcage

Think of removing the top of an old cage to use as a place to put magazines and things.

close up of birdcage decor

birdcage in the garden

birdcages with candles

birdcages on fridge

bird cage in dining room

tiny birdcage

I love the sheet music that was used to line the bottom of this cage for the little singing canary!
decorated birdcage

Birdcages in the garden

black birdcage

holiday birdcage


61 thoughts on “Add Life and Beauty to Your Home by Decorating With Birdcages”

    • Joyce –
      I just love the inspiration that these ladies give us with their beautiful cages… so I had to pull them all together & give everyone a little “pick-me-up” while waiting for Spring (and the birds to come home)! Thanks for taking the time to post!

  1. Oh so many beautiful pictures and ideas! As a bird lover I really enjoyed your post and I feel very honored that you chose one of the pictures of my white bird cage for it! Thank you!

    Best wishes from Geyrmany sends you Carol x

    • Carol –
      I love your cage! Especially all the little white lights inside, and all of the pretty sparkly things hanging around the outside!

      I’m sure it’s a beautiful centerpiece in your cottage in the evening!

    • Lisa ~

      I loved that picture of your living room with the cages on top of your corner cabinet! I especially love the nice green color and the calming effect that all of the natural things give the room. Also – the close up of your cage with the pretty vignette inside is marvelous! I think I love the little nest with the eggs and the timepiece most of all!

      I think we should feature your whole house in an upcoming post 😉

    • Joy ~ Thanks!
      I love your beautiful cages as well! It’s a wonderful way to bring out all of your pretty little things & show them off to the world!

      The cage filled with Christmas ornaments is a fantastic idea! I can also see it filled with… vintage snowmen, paper angels, or decked out with bits of red berries.

      The “tiny” cage is a very clever way to show off little trinkets that you’ve collected along the way! I love… love… love…

  2. I’m so glad to have visited. I’ve been thinking of a space in my house perfect for birdcages and this gives me lots and lots of beautiful ideas…thank you!

    • Tiffany ~
      Thanks a bunch!
      I love the way you put sheet music in the bottom of the cage to accompany the little Canary soloist 😉

      And as you can see by how times I’ve favorited your Flickr pics – I love the way you bring things together in your decorating – especially your displays! Maybe we’ll feature you ideas soon in an upcoming post!

  3. Hi, I saw on Penny’s blog Lavender that you wonder what language “Min Lilla Veranda” is.It is Swedish. Same as mine.
    I love your blog and will link to you if it is all right.
    Hugs Eva Agnes

    • Eva ~

      Thanks so much for writing & for letting me know the language of your site!

      ** You will all love Eva’s blog – so many beautiful pictures there! Go over & have a look as soon as you can: Agnes Shabby Chic

      I’m working on finding a good translator for us – so we can all read the wonderful posts that go along with these gorgeous pictures 😉

      Also – take a second to run over to Penny’s blog: Lavendar Hill Studio – today she shared several wonderful blogs from other countries! In any case – you will love her beautiful mosaics, as well as decorating style!


    • Penny ~ Thanks for writing!

      I did get a note from Eva (one of the other blogs that you shared in your post) and she says the language is “Swedish”. The only problem is… we can’t find a good site translator online – due to the fact that the Swedish language is not usually an option in the translation sites – and when it is, it only translates a few words at most. But she said… she is going to start including a bit of English in her posts for us! Yeah!

      *And… you should share a picture of your cages with us… as I’m sure that they are as gorgeous as your other decorating ideas!

  4. Oh yes, this “eye candy” was exactly what I needed on this blustery (gritty, it’s Texas) day! *Someday* when I’m able to have my own workroom, I’d love to have a cluster of birdcages for architectural interest and vignette display in a corner! Thanks for sharing!

    • Michaele ~

      Why wait until you have your own workroom?!

      You could have some decrative cages;

      – on top of your kitchen cabinets

      – hanging from a vintage birdcage stand, filled with beautiful plants

      – in the laundry room up on a shelf filled with vintage cleaning items

      – in the garden filled with plants, bird seed, or moss

      – a cluster on top of your livingroom entertainment center

      – or as a friend of mine did… have one hanging in your bedroom – near a window – occupied with a beautiful little canary… so that he can wake you every morning with glorious song!


  5. What a fun post and I am so inspired with all of the ways that others use their bird cages. And thank you so much for including my old green birdcage! It now has squirrels in it – always changing it up a bit.

    Like you, I have always loved birds. My Grandmother and mother always had a little bird and we would sing to them and teach them to talk – which they did and it was a hoot!

    Have a wonderful day and thanks again!!!


    • Becky ~

      You & your grandma sound like me, my grandma, and my mom! We all have parrots (African Greys) that we teach to talk! They are such wonderful fun 🙂 You should hear all of the things that they say 😉

      I love your cage! The color almost looks black in the picture? The bunny, the soft surrounding colors, the chicks, and the nest & eggs really make this a nice display!


  6. Where do you find the metal tags like the one that reads, “Words” attached to the one birdcage? I’ve been looking for them! (Found one source on Ebay but the shipping was over $4 for just one!)
    Love this post!!! Thank you, Sher

    • Jennifer ~

      I love your cages! They almost look like they’ve been made with recycled kitchen bread pans? Beautiful!

      * You should also check out Jennifer’s Etsy to see her felted slippers!

    • Jenny ~

      Thanks! You ALWAYS inspire me… with your sweet little whimsical creations! I had a peek around & everything seemed to be sold already… let me know when you have some things available, so I can share with readers!


  7. Loved your post of birdcages! Inspired me to take one of mine down from my porch and create an Easter scenario with vintage cards, sheet music, glitter and of course a bunny and chick. Thank you!

    • Bobbi ~

      Dear Bobbi,

      I’m so glad that you liked the post! I would love to see a picture of your new birdcage display! Perhaps you could send me a Flickr link (if you have an account) so everyone could enjoy it?

      Have a wonderful day!


  8. Love bird cages, and the photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing! Mine is awaiting it’s home on top of the hutch as soon as I finish remodeling.

  9. Hi,

    I loved your cages.
    I just inherited one birdcage, but it is in really bad shape and I don’t know how to paint it, what should I use. I just want to paint it in silver or white to put it in the kitchen on top of the fridge. It’s made from wood and wire. Can you help me?

    • I had mine sprayed at a car collision place with siver car paint. They blasted it first to clean it, and it is shiny and gorgeous. Cheap too!

  10. What a lovely site. I’m more of a gardener than a crafts person but I get so many ideas for garden design from your stories and pictures.

  11. Hi Pearl,

    I was browsing the web for bird cages and came across your website and looked at it I love the photos of the beautiful bird cages how well they are decorated. I am going to save them and get more ideas from you. I have a few bird cages now.


  12. I love these cages! I’m so desperatly looking for white cages like these for my upcoming wedding! But problem is, I’m only finding these cages on websites not from South-Africa… I’m afraid I’ll have to give up on the idea..

  13. What a timely article for me. I was sitting here in my family room, looking around the room and thinking what can I do with the 7 birdcages (all different) that I have collected. I hit the jackpot when I opened this site. Thank you so much for all of the great ideas. You have certainly brightened my day.

  14. Oh wow these are so amazing! I love this style of bird cage its so classic and elegant. Can anybody tell me where i could get cages like these? Or a website where i can order one?

  15. I just bought a birdcage and am trying to figure out how to decorate. I love the picture of the cage with the mini fountain and mini statue, plus the plants. Where can I find them to purchase? Are the plants silk or real? Thank you.

  16. I would like for you to see the bird cages that I have decorated. I have created some very usual ones that reflect many themes with unique features.
    My favorites are the ones I make for the Christmas season. If one can dream they can create a masterpiece

  17. Letter from reader:

    Hi Pearl,

    I stumbled onto your website-just love it! I have a rather large birdcage I need to decorate for my daughter’s wedding in June.

    We will use it to store wedding cards in. I was looking for ideas.

    Besides hanging a sign on it that says CARDS & having 2 decorative birds on the perch both sporting wedding clothes. I wasn’t sure what to do.

    You gave me an idea about the sheet music for the bottom. But I am not sure what to do with the top?

    Love your site!





    Thanks for writing!

    Here are a few ideas that you could use for the top of the bird cage.

    – Wide silk ribbon, made into a bow, with the two tails flowing down the cage.

    – Silk flowers to match the wedding decorations

    – A birds nest with eggs…and perhaps a fake set of wedding bands

    – Crystal broaches or other costume jewelry

    – Ivy that drapes down the sides of the cage

    – Strands of pearls

    – Pretty white feathers

    Be sure that the sheet music in the bottom of the cage reflects the wedding. You could have actual music from their wedding, or something else romantic 😉

    You could also tuck some moss around the edges for a beautiful effect!

    I hope these ideas help!



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