Pinterest Ideas For Your Home And Garden

I have lots of Pinterest ideas for you! I’m not sure if you’ve had a chance to peek, but I’ve created lots of great Pinterest boards for you – filled with all things home, garden, farmhouse kitchen, cottage decorating, how-to, DIY, recipes, trash to treasure, and more! You can find me by clicking on this link: Pinterest Ideas From A Storybook Life

Pinterest Ideas from @astorybooklife for your home and garden

I love looking at what others have done, not so I can simply copy their ideas, but so it can be an inspirational jumping point to get creative juices flowing for my own projects.

As you take in ideas from so many people and places, you might hear different voices saying things like… you can’t do it that way, you should always do it this way, you need to go buy these items, or you can’t use those colors together, etc. I think we have to be very careful as we take in SO MANY ideas, that we try to stay true to the style that is uniquely us. If we don’t, we all start looking the same … and what a boring world that is!

I always tell my children… in life, we need to eat the fish & spit out the bones. What do I mean by that? Simply, as we take in ideas, keep the bits we love & let go of the bits that don’t belong. It’s nearly never a whole image that inspires me the most, but rather the little bits here and there that become the best Pinterest ideas for me. They may even be things that others don’t even notice! Perhaps it’s a little item on a bookshelf, a pattern on a piece of cloth, or a particular plant in a whole garden bed of flowers.

The most important thing when creating your home & space is to surround yourself with things that you and your family love, and a space that feels like it gives you a hug every time you walk into it!

Great New Updates to the Site!

Great New Updates to the Site!

1. I’ve spent a bunch of time learning how to work with Photoshop, because I wanted to add some new graphics, logos, backgrounds, etc. to the site. Let me know what you think!

2. I’ve added a few new categories that you will see soon. Two of these new categories are;

* Featured Etsy Shop – This is where I will be featuring great Etsy shops that I come across

* Featured Sites – This is where I will be featuring some of the best Home & Garden sites

* The Best Home & Garden Pictures – This will be a section that is intended to bring you great inspiration for your home & garden!

These new categories are intended to help readers find great products & information, as well as help site/shop owners to enjoy new visitors.

3. The Best of Home & Garden Website Directory
I’ve put together a directory that will ONLY list “The Best of Home & Garden” – which is where you will be able to find some of the best sites on the web! Sites have already started being added to the directory, and many more will be added on a regular basis. I believe this directory will become a great resource for all of us! * The new banner will be up at the directory soon 🙂

4. I’ve installed a “Top 5” section to the site, where I will post the top 5 people who make the most comments during the month. The list is updated in real time, and will include both the name & direct website link of the top 5 contributors (I may decided to include up to 10). I am excited about this section, because I know that it will help many with increased visitors to their sites, as well as increased page rank from search engines like google.

Doing my best to bring you the best…