The Bird Feeder – A Hot Spot in Our Garden!

Yellow finch at the bird feeder in our garden

There’s nothing better than being able to sit at my desk, while enjoying all of the noise & traffic that goes by my window each day! Traffic you ask? Yes! The best kind of traffic… wildlife roaming through the yard, enjoying a little treat as they go about their day 🙂

I’m talking, of course, about our bird feeders!

With this being our first year living at the cottage in the woods, we are just starting to get a taste of the joys of living with nature 😉

I thought I’d share a few pictures of the recent guests to the cottage feeder.

The first up (one pictured above) are the wonderful finches! They come in so many colors & sizes – but most of all – they have the most beautiful songs!

Then there are the little guys like this little chipmunk! So cute & tiny – we love to watch them stuff their cheeks full of goods then run back under the trees!
Chipmunk at the bird feeder in our cottage garden

And last of all… the bigger guys like this sneaky raccoon! I do love wildlife… but I hope this is as big as the visitors get! After all… there were a few bear sightings in our area last year – yikes!
Raccoon coming around the cottage garden bird feeder

* Did you know that raccoons have “thumbs” which is why they are able to open trash can lids, and get into lots of other trouble around your property?!

* Do you know what a baby raccoon is called? Answer: A kit