Quick Dinner Recipes – Easy to Cook and Delicious to Eat!

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Don’t let the constant nagging question of “What’s for Dinner” get you down! For today… you shall conquer!
(sorry got a bit carried away 🙂

I wanted to share this quick dinner recipe that will give you that… cooking in the kitchen all day feeling – while only spending a few actual minutes of your time preparing your family’s evening meal 😉

This is a great “toss it & forget it” kind of comfort food, and it’s so easy & delicious! You could easily toss the ingredients together before leaving for work in the morning, and then you can think about other things besides running around the kitchen when you get home! It would also be a great choice for your Sunday dinner. Just toss everything in the crock pot before you leave for church, and when you get home, you’ll have a wonderful meal waiting for the family table.

Creamy Italian Chicken & Broccoli


1 packet of Italian Salad Dressing mix (usually comes in 1.7oz packets)
2 1/2 Cups of water
4 to 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 bag frozen broccoli (or 2 cups of fresh steamed)
8oz cream cheese
1 can of cream of chicken soup

Place first 3 ingredients in a crock pot and cook all day on low – or 4 hours on high.

One hour before you’re ready to eat, remove the chicken and add the cream cheese & soup to the liquid in the crock pot. Whisk everything together, then add the broccoli and chicken (can shred the chicken if you’d like) and allow to simmer for the last hour.

Ideas for Serving

If you have quick dinner recipes that you’d like to share, send them in!

– Serve over rice or your favorite type of pasta – (you can prepare a larger batch at the beginning of the week, that way you’ll have enough for 2-3 meals)

– Great with a fresh green salad, or some sliced garden fresh tomatoes on the side

– This meal freezes very well after it’s cooked, so you could make a double batch and freeze half for a future meal! This will help you save both electric and time, as well as help you keep the heat out of the kitchen during the summer months!


14 thoughts on “Quick Dinner Recipes – Easy to Cook and Delicious to Eat!”

  1. That sounds yummy. I like what you`re going to be doing with your site. Look forward to seeing more 🙂
    If that`s your kitchen…..wow!!!! Beautiful.


    • Tea –
      Thanks! Hope you like the recipe. And no… that’s not my kitchen, but I wanted to share it with readers as beautiful inspiration! Don’t you just love the stone & plaster walls!

    • Manuela –
      Let me know how it turns out for you 🙂
      I especially love the idea of making a double batch & having this recipe for another quick dinner.

  2. This recipe sounds fantastic! I really can’t wait to make it…..BUT….I might be really sheltered or maybe you just can’t get it where I live, but what exactly is “Italian salad dressing mix”? Is is a dried product? Or is it just Italian salad dressing (liquid form) in a small packet? Please forgive my ignorance – I really want to know so I can make this recipe. thank you!

    • Carmen – I’m sorry about not making that clear 🙂

      You can find these packets of seasoning mix in your salad dressing isle, or in the seasoning mix section of your local grocery.

      I hope this helps a bit 😉

  3. I can’t wait to try it! I may even whip up the Fruit Cocktail cake for dessert, which is another on my list to try 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing, this site is such a treat!

  4. I never had good luck with cooking. This morning was a disaster as I made pancakes and hashbrowns from scratch. But this sounds yummy and simple, and I would love to give it a whirl!

    I’ll tell ya how it went.

  5. With my busy schedule any quick fix dinner ideas are welcome. This one is sure to please my family because they like all the ingredients! Think I’ll make it for dinner tomorrow tonight!


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