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I wanted to share a few letters from readers with you today. After reading some of the articles about building your own garden pond that I’ve written over the last few years, they wanted to let me know of their success. A water garden (no matter how large or small it is) can add wonder to your garden space! I also wanted to share links to some of my articles about water gardens as well.

Build Your own Water Garden for Under $10

Garden Pond Directions & Pictures

Water Gardens for Small Spaces

Pond Liners – Creative Garden Pond Liner Ideas (that means cheap 😉


Just saw your page on the net. I have a new house with a big yard, few ideas and even less money. I’ve always wanted a pond, but thought they would be too expensive. I want to thank you for the inspiration and the first in a line of many projects. Monica in Buffalo, New York

Hi Pearl, I recently came across your article on building a pond – most informative & helpful!! Thank you so much for sharing with everyone! I must say though, I did gasp with the frozen goldfish and yes, I did “calm down” with a sigh of relief at their amazing “thaw” – hehe

I too, did not know that that was possible and we live in northern Indiana where the winters can also be rather nippy, so to speak – bbrrr!!!

Again, thank you so much for your most helpful information!! Kind Regards, Phyllis

Thank you so much for the pond instructions. It is truly wonderful. I have been wanting one forever but they are really expensive to buy the kits. Now I can build one with your wonderful instructions at a fraction of the cost. Linda

I’d love to share your pond pictures & ideas! Just send them in!


2 thoughts on “Build Your Own Garden Pond”

  1. I was just your re-reading your piece about the water gardens and I saw the idea by one reader, using an old pink sink + faucets as a water feature in her pink garden, along with the mirror to complete the package! What a wonderful idea!

    I love the idea of water gardens, the sound of running water. We have a couple of small in-ground ponds in our neighborhood backyard, but here in Texas’ heat, I’m over sitting out in that sweltering sun (during the day, at night it’s lots of mosquitoes!) I’ve tried those little store-bought fountains where the water runs down & sometimes they’ll have musical ones as well. It wouldn’t be a problem for me, except that the main reason I wanted one was for the soothing sound of the water. But with those little things, all I hear is the pump running! I’ve tried different things underneath it to try to lessen the noise, all to no avail. Do you, or any of your readers, know of a (small) specific pump that is silent? I know I’ve seen some on the ‘net, but I want to know if anyone knows of one from personal experience. Or know why the little ones are so noisy? I’ve also had the self-contained ones (where the pump is inside the figurine itself), as well as the ones where the pump is a separate piece. So…I’m listening for any & all help! Thanks, Leslie

    P.S. I may be able to get my hands on an old blue porcelain sink from the mid-50’s. If I do, I know what I’m doing with it! 😉

    Now I have a question – I’ve had several of those mini-fountains (both battery-operated and electric) made of resin, and they work great. But I have a problem with them because all I can ever hear is the pump, not the water. I’ve tried putting something under the pump to “absorb” the sound, and nothing has worked.


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