Vintage Cabinet Redo

I LOVE vintage pine cupboards! I’m not sure why they hold such a special place in my heart, but they do. There’s just something that feels so “heart & home” about them. Perhaps it’s the memories of grandma’s kitchen, scenes from some of my favorite movies, or captured ideas from magazines that have stayed with me. I’m not exactly sure, but in any case… I LOVE them!

I know these bigger pieces can be VERY expensive, many times costing $300 – $2,000 or more! But, out of my 3 largest vintage pieces, the most I’ve paid so far is $50… which is the piece I’m sharing with you today. I found my largest piece at an estate auction for $17, and another vintage pine step-back cupboard at a yard sale for $2! You can find great deals as well, if you’re the last to leave estate auctions (the best deals are to be had after the large buying crowd goes home & the auction heads to the garage, basement, or barn :) ), and if you keep your eyes open at yard sales & curbside during trash day!

This new piece had a destiny of becoming my new “Cabinet of Curiosities”, and as you can see in the before picture, it started out being a bright blue. I know that many people would have left it just the way it was, but the room it was going into was a soft blue & antique white, with black accents… so I wanted this piece to have a softer feel to it.

Cabinet Makeover - Before

Because I wanted to use this piece to display special objects, I wanted the inside of the top to be painted dark, so everything inside would pop against the dark color. I finally decided to use flat black. As a matter of fact, we decided to give the whole cabinet a coat of flat black, then a coat of antique white. After it dried completely, I gently sanded off the antique white in some spots revealing the black underneath, to give it a more vintage look. To finish the piece off, I wiped the whole thing (except for the inside of the top) with a very small amount of antiquing glaze.

You can see how nice all of these vintage stockings & mittens, that I found for $3 at a yard sale, show up here in the Winter display.

Winter Display in my Cabinet of Curiosities

For the Winter display, I started with a vintage garden urn, added a branch from a thorn apple tree, tucked in some moss around the base of the branch, hung up my vintage mitten & stocking collection, strung vintage wire that I kept from a broken Christmas ornament, added a candle covered with a bubble glass globe, and let my vintage style snowman stand guard over it all.

Winter Display

Here’s a close up of my beautiful snowman. I love how his colors just pop against the black background!
Winter Display in my Cabinet of Curiosities

Don’t be afraid to change up some of the pieces in your home. I hear from people all the time, that are afraid to use paint & go with new colors for fear of not liking the finished product. But I say… what’s the worst that can happen? Maybe you’ll have to paint it again, but then again… maybe you’ll love it! At least step out and try it, and let your creative ideas come to life in your home!

I really love the finished product, both the display space, and the storage space for all of my stationary & office supplies. I already have lots of ideas about how to change up the display for every season! What do you think? How would you decorate this piece? Let me know by leaving me a comment below :)

Cabinet of Curiosities

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    Magnetic Chalkboard – How to make a beautiful magnetic chalkboard from old mirrors or pictures


    How to turn an old picture or mirror into a magnetic chalkboard.

    Magnetic Chalkboard

    I just love finding new uses for old things, especially when those “new uses” add a bit of extra beauty to our home decor for very little cost! Recently my husband & I have been doing just that … taking found objects, or items that I have picked up VERY cheaply, and have turned them into our very own little works of art.

    And I have to tell you, there is such a satisfaction that comes with seeing the possibility in something that others have discarded, then adding your own creative touches that seem to breath new life into it. Then… there is the added joy of actually using your new creation to feather your nest to add even more warmth and comfort to your home.

    My husband & I have enjoyed watching several of our creative projects come to life in one of our home offices recently, and I know you will love today’s project as much as I do! After today, I promise that as you visit those yard sales, auctions, and thrift stores, you will never look at that old mirror or picture the same way again… I know I don’t :)

    I’ve always had a love for beautiful picture frames, and I just seem drawn to them at every sale I go to. I’m not sure why, but perhaps it’s the fact that they have the ability to beautifully showcase any creative idea that your mind can dream up!

    If you’re like me, you’ve looked at a picture in the thrift shop and said… I love the frame, but that picture doesn’t go with my style. Or maybe you’ve seen a nicely framed mirror, but the mirror had already outlived it’s original purpose, and you thought you had to pass on it.

    From now on, I want you to try to look at things through a new perspective. Always remember, colors, textures, and contents within the frame can ALWAYS be changed into something that you love & that matches your home decor!

    Here’s where our project began…

    Magnetic Chalkboard Redo

    This was a nice mirror for someone, but it didn’t quite fit into our space.
    – The color didn’t match our room
    – We really didn’t need another mirror in that space
    – It felt more like “eastern world travel”, instead of the “french country” feel that I was looking for

    Magnetic Chalkboard Before

    I decided to transform this mirror into a magnetic chalkboard that I could both write on as well as hang things on.

    #1. Remove The Mirror

    To do this, we had to first remove the mirror so we could give the frame a new look & feel.

    With the new paints that we have available today, you could simply just paint right over the mirror with chalkboard paint, but since I wanted a magnetic chalkboard, I decided to replace the mirror with a scrap of sheet metal instead.

    #2. Change The Look

    After we removed the mirror (we will use that for something else), it was time to give the frame a new look with some different painting techniques. And, to be very honest, I had to paint it twice to get the look I wanted.

    * It’s ok to just take a step & try something. After all, what’s the worst thing that could happen? With me, I just had to paint it again – no big deal.

    I started with a fresh coat of flat black paint. I used spray paint because it was easier & I already had some on hand.

    Up close
    Magnetic Chalkboard Redo

    The whole frame painted black
    Magnetic Chalkboard Redo

    #3. Prepare & Paint Sheet Metal

    While my frame was drying, we started painting the metal with chalkboard paint.

    You want to be sure that your sheet metal is clean & free from any oils or dirt before you paint, so the paint will be sure to stick to the surface. One of the best ways to do that, is to simply clean it with some regular white vinegar & a soft cloth.

    Paint the piece of sheet metal with your chalkboard paint according to the product instructions. We decided to use spray paint to help eliminate any streaks or drips, but you can use whatever type of paint you feel comfortable with. You will most likely need 2 coats, maybe more, depending on the type of surface that you are covering.

    #4. Add Crackle Topcoat

    Because I wanted a crackle finish, after the black paint dried, I added a layer of crackle medium. Once that dried, I painted on a layer of antique white in a satin finish (I don’t want the finished product to be to shiny).

    After the paint was dry, I rubbed on a very thin layer of antiquing glaze to give it that “old world” feel.

    #5. Preparing The Chalkboard

    Most chalkboard paints recommend that you prepare your new surface by “chalking” the entire surface before using it on a regular basis. You do this by rubbing a piece of chalk lengthwise over the entire surface several times, then wiping it off. Now you’re ready to go!

    *Chalkboard paint tends to scratch when a clay based chalk is used, so I purchased mine from the office store instead of using crayola chalk.

    #6. Bringing It All Together

    Insert your new metal chalkboard & add a sturdy backing (like stiff cardboard or chip board) if needed.

    #7. Decorate!

    I decided to add one of my favorite family pictures, as well as a favorite scripture that says “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord” in French :)

    Magnetic Chalkboard Redo

    You could use decorative magnets, a collection of pictures, lists, menus, or whatever you’d like to dress up your new magnetic chalkboard!

    Magnetic Chalkboard Redo


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      Autumn Dressed In All It’s Beauty

      beautiful fall display

      Autumn is one of our favorite times of the year! Here in Upstate, NY, and in our little village… the colors, sights, and smells of the season are simply magnificent!
      Autumn Door
      My Autumn Entrance

      Early this morning, while driving down into our little village, the mist was so thick, and the radiant beams of sunlight made everything look as if it were on fire. As I looked around… these thoughts came to me.

      What beauty lies beneath the mist
      What treasures to behold
      And might I ask what you’re hiding there
      Under resplendent rays of red & gold
      But soon enough the mist will rise
      And there for all to share
      The wonderful form & fashion of nature uncovered
      As it now lay open, uncovered, and bare

      I’m not sure about how the season is going in your area, but here, we have had unseasonably warm weather, lots of sunshine, and many of the leaves are still on the trees! Because our leaves are almost always on the ground by the 2nd-3rd week of Oct., you can imagine how thankful I am for this wonderful blessing!

      I wanted to take you on a little journey with me, so you could see the village through my eyes today.

      We’ll start with my front door…

      Autumn Entrance
      I’m so thankful for my husband’s help with pulling our new entrance together! I just love it :)

      I wanted to do something different this year to celebrate my new front entrance being done, so I decided to throw together some of my favorite Autumn things & make a display. I just love all of these Fall colors together!
      Autumn Door

      Autumn Arrangement

      More ornamental cabbages close up – I just LOVE these!
      Ornamental Cabbage

      With this only being the first year for our new “upper garden”, I think it has filled in nicely! I’m looking forward to seeing the chartreuse sedum & the chocolate leaves of the ajuga, against the deep blue ajuga flowers spikes in the Spring.
      Garden Walk

      All of the different ground covers are filling in the front walk nicely.
      Stone Steps

      This is our crab apple’s first year with us, and look at the beautiful little fruit!
      Crab Apples

      Little Crab Apples

      A Walk through Forest Park – Our wonderful forest located in the heart of our little village, available for all to enjoy!

      Sunlight Through The Mist

      Moss Hill
      Moss Hill

      Spider Webs

      Forest Mushrooms
      Forest Mushrooms

      Lady of The Forest
      Lady of the forest

      He wasn’t home when I stopped by
      Forest Home

      Around the Village

      Life begins again…
      Milk Pod - Life Begins Again

      Fall berries
      Beautiful Red Berries

      On the farm
      Autumn Beauty

      Golden Splendor
      Autumn Splendor

      Red Beauty!
      Burning Bush

      And back into the village – We’re greeted with this amazing hedgerow of fiery red burning bushes
      Autumn Beauty - Village

      I hope you’ve enjoyed our little ride together! Be sure to leave a comment & tell me about how your season is going so far below!

      ** I have been working on several projects & I will be sharing pictures & how to’s really soon!

      Creatively Yours,

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        Needle Felting – How to Turn Wool Into Art


        What is needle felting?

        Needle felting is the process of turning a pile of wool into different shapes and artistic designs, by using a special barbed needle. As the needle is poked back & forth into the pile of wool, the special barbed end catches the fibers & binds them together. There are also special tools that have several needles attached, to help make the process much faster. You can continue to add as many shapes & colors together as you wish, to make your very own piece of fiber art.

        It’s been several years now since I saw my first piece of needle felted fiber art, and I have to say… I am as amazed today as I was then! The creative ideas that people come up with, to turn a seemingly insignificant pile of wool into something so lovely, still inspires me.

        The perfectly round felt balls with colorful designs, beautiful one of a kind purses with no visible stitches, inspiring wall art unbelievably painted with wool… the things I have seen never cease to amaze me!

        Look at just a few of the things these creative people have come up with.

        * Click on any of the pictures to find out more about the artist or their store.


        felted bunting

        When I saw these little guys swinging from their necklaces, I couldn’t help but smile out loud :)

        needle felted Squirrel necklace

        needle felted sheep necklace

        needle felted Orangutan necklace


        I love the work of this artist!

        needle felted mouse

        needle felted house


        Beautiful Felted Wool Bracelet

        needle felted green and purple bracelet


        Colorful Felted Bangle Bracelets
        Wet felted Bangles


        Felted Ankle Bracelets
        Felted Multifunctional Ankle bracelets


        Needle Felted Eyeglasses Case
        Needle Felted Eyeglass Case


        Felted Foxgloves – aren’t they beautiful!
        Foxgloves 2


        Needle Felted Nest Ornament
        needle felted nest ornament


        Look at these beautiful toys!

        Needle Felted Landscape playscape
        Mama and Baby
        Needle felted Wool monkey Bluebird Rattle



        Needle Felted Purse

        needle felted bag


        Beautiful Purse (you can get this kit)
        needle felted purse


        Needle Felted Christmas Ornament


        Don’t those creations inspire you to ask… how in the world did they do that?

        If so, you’re in luck, because in my next post, I will be showing exactly “How to Needle Felt“, so you too can turn something as inexpensive as raw wool into something very chic & beautiful. And, with the holidays right around the corner, you’ll love the things that you’ll be able to make & give as gifts!

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          You Can Do IT – Take off the limitations

          I have talked to so many people who feel as though they have nothing to offer the people & the world around them. I don’t believe that! I want you to know, that I am a firm believer in the fact that everyone has something to give…something uniquely them…something that will bless the people around them if they will only take the time to share.

          Lynda, a good friend of mine from Happy Little Homestead, shared this amazing video with me, and I knew that I had to share it with you.

          Here are a few questions to ask yourself…

          1. Why are we living with limitations?

          2. Why do we go through life feeling like we have nothing to give because there might be someone who does it better?

          3. Why do we value the gifts & talents of others, while feeling like we are bankrupt in that area?


          You are unique ~ You have something to give ~ You are special ~ You do not have to live with self imposed limits anymore!

          Take a few minutes to watch, listen to Diane’s story, and be inspired to see what you can “give back” of your talents & treasure to the world around you!

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            How To Eat An Artichoke


            Artichoke? What’s that?

            Seriously though, it wasn’t until the last few years that I had ever really eaten an artichoke. My family was from the south, and we usually stuck with your everyday “normal types” of veggies, so believe me when I tell you, that I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what an artichoke was if you had asked me!

            Skip ahead to the last few years…

            I LOVE ARTICHOKES!

            My husband & I have raised our family smack dab in the middle of Italian country, and let me tell you, they love their artichokes! But even with my new found love of this veggie from heaven, I still have never been brave enough to buy them from the store & cook them myself… until now!

            If you’re anything like me, you love the great artichoke recipes that you have out in your favorite restaurant, but haven’t braved the “cook your own at home” scenario yet :)

            So… I’ve decided to share a few GREAT resources that I have recently come across, that I think will help you uncover the mystery of cooking artichokes at home. Even though there are several different ways to prepare artichokes, they are delicious any way you slice them!

            How to Eat an Artichoke Video:


            Click Here for a great step by step how to article, including detailed pictures

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