Pottery Barn Candle Display

Pottery Barn had a great sale recently, and I picked up several of these beautiful glass jars. Hopefully you can see how “vintage” they look – with the thick bubbled glass. When I saw the jars, I knew I’d find lots of great uses for them! Here is my first use 🙂

This is a seasonal display that I put together on our harvest table. (I love the table! Even though it’s brand new, it looks like a vintage piece taken right from the family farm!)

The pumpkins were .50 cents, the candle is from “W-Mart” – they have several nice scents & colors for $5.50 & they are huge 4 wick candles! The glass jars, as I already mentioned, are from Pottery Barn. They were on sale for $7. I also added some rose hips & orange peel fixins.

We so enjoy the sight & scents from this display as we enjoy our family dinners!

Fall displays don’t have to be expensive! Check your local Pottery Barn for sales they may be having!

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3 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Candle Display”

  1. What a lovely idea! I don’t have a PB close by but I bought a similar jar and candle at Target. I put some old potpourri around the candle. The potpourri was a fall one so it had lots of autumn colored things in it. My husband just loves it. It’s one of his favorite things. Thanks for the inspiration! I love, love your newsletter and wish it were more frequent!

  2. Dear Manuela –
    Thanks for the kinds words. The reason I decided to add this section of the website, was to “get more ideas” out there to our readers (well, more than once pr month in our newsletter :)! And, to provide a place for everyone to share their ideas here in the comment section. Hope you enjoy these posts – as I will be trying to add more ideas every day or so.

  3. A very great post! Candles definitely give a wonderful display as they give off a very subtle lighting that will keep you feel good all the time.

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