Brand New Site Almost Done!

Hello everyone!

Our new site is almost complete! After years of having a website online, I felt is was finally time to do some spring cleaning – and organizing 🙂

As you can see, I haven’t been able to post here for several days, because I’ve been really working on re-building my website.

After lots of programing, everything is nearly done! I’ve been writing online for many years now, but I haven’t had a good way to share all of my articles – while keeping things organized for my readers.

I’ve finally completed the new article database & I will be spending the next few weeks adding all of my past articles to that section. Here are just a few of the ones that I’ve already added:

Learn to Raise Magnificent Monarch Butterflies
Cake Recipes – Scrumptious Easy Layer Cake
Make your own pita bread!
A New Way to Save Using Rain Checks!
How to Safely Transplant Your Garden Plants

Check back often – as I will be adding new articles on a regular basis!

I’ve always loved the colors pink & green together. Here, I’ve mixed a piece of pottery ($5 at TJ Max), a small iron bunny ($4), a Waverly mustard & red toile tables runner ($6 TJ MAX) and my gathering basket.


2 thoughts on “Brand New Site Almost Done!”

  1. Lovely as always. I love TJ Maxx! It’s such a fun store to browse around in. Many times I’ve found things there that I’ve seen in the Ballard Designs catalog. I look forward to checking out your articles. I read your “making a pond” one several times before I started on my own pond.

  2. I love your display…you can find some wonderful things at TJ Maxx…I found a cute box of eggs at TJ Maxx this weekend. I posted a picture of them on my blog…hope you’ll stop over and take a look!


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