Get Free Hair Cuts for Your Family

After reading a recent article that I wrote in the Article section of our website called “Money Saving Hair Care Ideas for the Whole Family“, Anna sent in this tip for us:

Hi Pearl,

I was reading tips on how to save money buy buying hair products at the local beauty supply, so I thought I would share my own tip with you.

Since 1993, I have been going to the Supercuts training center in my city and having my hair cut free of charge (although I usually leave a tip ;). Every new hairstylist that Supercuts hires has to go through a week long training session. It doesn’t matter if they’ve just finished beauty school, or if they’ve been cutting hair for 20 years – and these hair cuts are all free!

All you have to do is call a Supercuts hair salon in you area, and ask them for the phone number to the TRAINING salon. Then, call the training center to make an appointment. They will ask you what kind of cut you want, and schedule your hair cut (they usually schedule hair cuts Wednesday – Friday). Occasionally, I have gone on a Monday and the director has used me as a model.

The stylists are carefully watched, and your hair is checked to make sure that it meets the Supercuts requirements. If they are not busy, they will even style it for you too!

Most major cities have Supercuts Salons, as a matter of fact, Houston has two of them. I have also been to the one in the Phoenix/Metro area (Scottsdale).

Another hair salon chain that trains their stylists is Visible Changes. Check the salons in your area for more details.


Dear Anna,
Thank you for such a great tip. I’m sure that everyone could use a little more savings with their hair care!